Saturday, 4 July 2020

All done #30 Hand Dyed Cotton

My all done posts showcase how I try to use every last scrap of yarn, fabric or craft material. This is my 30th post! I love the satisfaction of using something up to the very end. Today, I have finished 12 skeins of Araucania hand dyed aran cotton by making a cushion cover for our new house.

The chevron pattern is actually a blanket pattern I have in a book, but I simply made one long rectangle and folded it over a cushion pad. The shell buttons fit perfectly through the chain spacer stitches on the chevron pattern.

Previous makes from this yarn are a wonderful scarf I gifted to a friend for her birthday using a pattern that is sadly no longer available. :(

I also made a jumper called the Skiddaw which I loved for the first 6 months and then it got bigger and bigger and bigger until I gifted it to another friend. 

The yarn was from the Black Sheep Wool company which was at a big craft show years ago. I saw this yarn all bagged up reduced from £99 £49 £29 to £10. I snapped it up; it has been very kind to me. 

Time to rummage around in the yarn basket to find some more lovely yarn to work with through to the very end. 
Two more weeks of school left to go.

Thanks for dropping by. Love from Jo xx


  1. Well done Jo, great cushion cover. Stay safe.

  2. Lovely cushion cover Jo. The buttons are very cute. What a shame that the jumper grew too big, it looks fab. Cotton is quite heavy, maybe this is the reason for the jumper's growth? Good luck with your last two weeks of teaching, I hope it is not too stressful xx

  3. Hello Jo, long time no comment, but I still read your blog! Is that the Beth shawl/scarf by any chance - the one that is no longer available?

    Hope that all is well with you and that you will at some point be able to get into your new house and enjoy living there.

    Take care, and good wishes to you and all your family, Amy previously from lovemademyhome xx

    p.s. no idea how you can reply to me where I will see it as I no longer blog other than replying to me here because I dont want to leave an e-mail address in a comment.

    1. Hello Amy, glad you can still tune in. Hope you are well. Yes, it is your scarf pattern but I think it might be called Megan (maybe it is Beth) I don't have the paper copy anymore which I printed out because I made it on holiday and it got all wet by the pool. It is a wonderful pattern. Jo x

  4. Lovely colour, love the sweater and the cushion..

  5. Lovely cushion cover. I really like the hand dyed cotton you used and well done for using up all your yarn.

  6. Really lovely makes, I like the colour a lot.