Saturday, 11 July 2020

Knitting - A new sweater in aplpaca with colours and stitches to follow at the same time.

Starting - another pair of simple socks for when the sweater gets too difficult or 'sweary'. It will be a stash pair using up some Drops Fabel.

Sewing - up a quick pair of shorts for my little girl. 

Ordering - take out cream tea from a local cafe and eating it in the park. We chose lemon curd because we love it.

Preparing - a salad box to take to the park picnic. My girls have taken to me cutting up a range of stuff on the chopping board and building their own salad.

Laughing - at their cooling down technique after a long dog walk.

Finishing - a lockdown cardigan but I wasn't keen in the end so I have gifted it to my mum who likes it.

Collecting - all of my green fat quarters and fabric scraps in preparation for cutting another quilt.

Repairing - some more holes in my jeans. They will one day become a piece of artwork!

Gardening - This is a momentous occasion: Day 1 of our new house garden.

Admiring - some summer flowering beauties in our current garden. These campanula are regarded by many as weeds, but I like them.

Dodging - the showers outside in the new house field.

Getting - to visit grandparents at their house. The girls made these sticky pictures in their garden. It is a good way to learn some gardening knowledge.

Eating - a full range of tray bake dinners while I am at work full time. This one was particularly good. A Coq au Vin tray bake with red wine.

Building - Young one and I fitted all of the gripper rods and underlay to the upstairs.

Learning - Meg had some great area and perimeter home learning that day.

Missing - our holiday to Switzerland :( We had to make a decision over a month ago and we decided to take the refund we were offered.

Feeling - ready to stop home learning and just enjoy ourselves. The girls have not missed a day since March. Big Sis received a gold award with a prize for sending her work in daily and young one is so self motivated to do her work properly on every task... but we are all ready for it to stop for a while.

One week of work to go until the six week break.....

How is your July so far? Jo xxxx


  1. Thank you for your visit and comment on my blog Jo!
    I always enjoy visiting your blog and seeing what you and your young ladies are up to! Aren’t they growing up fast!
    What super new knitting, and even the cardigan you gave to your mum because you didn’t like it!
    You do have a lot of fabulous ideas. Pretty embroidery! Love the girls’ sticky cards!
    Such fun!
    Barbara x

  2. You've been busy, and how exciting that the garden is being built now. Well done on all the home schooling, I wish we had done as well here. Love mended jeans. I have a varnish stain on my skirt and I should do something like this to cover it up. Very impressed indeed with your helper with the gripper rods and underlay. Brilliant skills to learn. Gorgeous colours for your new quilt, I shall look forward to seeing it take shape. Have a lovely Sunday. CJ xx

  3. You certainly all deserve to have some away from school time. You seem to have packed so much in to your July so far. I love the girls sticky flower and plant pictures they made from their grandparents garden. An exciting time starting a new garden, wishing you lots of fun doing that. It also made me laugh too at the girls cooling off technique, but hey if it works!! Have a great week x

  4. Sounds like you have been so busy you deserve a good break, but why do I feel you will be building, gardening, cooking, sewing and knitting instead? So sorry about your vacation, ours was canceled also. Stay safe.

  5. What a shame about your trip to Switzerland, I hope you can go next year, or maybe even in the winter. I just realise I haven't been back in four years. Plenty of happy things happening at yours, love how the girls cool down on the floor tiles. I can't wait to see your new quilt in progress. Just one more week to go, hang on in there Jo. xx

  6. As always, I am in awe of your energy and talent, Jo. You get so much done and your makes are gorgeous. Glad to see the new house coming along, every milestone must be so exciting, and a pity about your trip - we just cancelled ours.