Saturday, 30 November 2019

All done #27 - Hand Dyed Mittens

Seriously, I have surprised my self. All done number 27 means that I have used up some fabric or wool to its very end 27 times in 2 years. I encourage you to try it - it is so satisfying.

The reason I have finished up so much end of project yarn and fabric lately is because it makes very inexpensive Christmas gifts for my family and friends and a heap of room for guilt free January Sales shopping for me.

This little set has given me a lot of joy. It is the rest of a DK merino single skein called Manchester Tart which I bought in a singles bin at Wonderwool in April. It was £11 for one skein and I bought two to make some extra special boot socks. The socks have been well used (and hand washed!) however there was a little ball left over.

Firstly, I made the hat using stripes of Merino with some cotton yarn. I went to make the pom pom for the hat and call it a day but I still thought there was a bit left in the ball. I remember my friend making lots of mittens a few Christmas' ago and found the pattern on ravelry here.

I left the pom pom and started the mittens.

There was just the right amount to make a full set of mittens and add a squishy pom pom with not a scrap left over. I LOVE it when that happens! As I made these mittens, in the pub or at home, I kept making people feel them because they are just so cute.

This set will be winging its way to my friend's boy.

Still busting some stash.... Are you?
Jo xxxxxx


  1. Both projects are wonderful Jo. Good for you using up more yarn from your stash.

  2. What gorgeous little projects and what a lucky little boy! Best, Jane x

  3. This is such a pretty yarn, Jo. I love both the pom-pom hat and the sweet mittens.

  4. I love the pompom! The hat and gloves look amazing.