Thursday, 7 November 2019

Loving - An autumn colour palette

Baking - Spiced Apple cake. Eaten hot with cream and then cold with a mug of tea.

Eating - Toad-in-the-hole. Luckily, the adults in our house like the crispy top and the children like the soft Yorkshire pudding bottom.

Buying - New Boots. My Fly boots were five years old with the smoothest sole which was getting a tad dangerous in wet conditions. This style of square toe allows for hand knit socks inside - perfect.

Disliking - How the garden looks at this time of year - so slimy.

Knitting - Nooooo!!! I got to row four on the sweater I am trying to knit but it was wrong. I really thought my 7th time would be lucky because 7 is a lucky number right?

Leaving - Brownies. We have arrived at the momentous occasion where both girls will be at Guides on the same night. Hooray! it is the small things that help a week along.

Making - painted pebbles and pumpkin pincushions.

Growing - lots of different types of succulents from cuttings. I now need to pot them up individually because some need more water than others.

Deciding - On a staircase design. It is a mighty difficult thing to choose I will have you know.

Building - no building for me this month but I did make a seat pad for the church pew which is in our new kitchen. The fabric is from Minerva which was ideal for oven gloves, seat pads and an apron all packed away for when we move.

Going - To a Firework display.

Collecting - a new vintage pattern. My collecting has slowed down  but sometimes you spot a gem in a charity shop.

Avoiding - Starting anything new. I have some projects which need the final materials to bring them to a close.

Sewing - a bed runner quilt together by hand in an Orla Keily design (see above)

Thinking - That I finally have my work/life/money balance right.

Feeling - At one with being inside a lot.

Joining in with Christina this week. Have a great Friday. Jo xxx


  1. So much going on and wonderful photo's as ever, I love the pin cushion would you mind if I copied and made one? I will link back to you of course. I've been making lots of banana and almond loaves I will try an apple cake as we have a lot of gifted apples. Great news having both girls in the same group, I remember separate swim times were a pain here. Have a good week. x

  2. Of course! I got the tutorial from here. Jo xx

  3. I like November in your house, it sounds just right. Hurray for the move up to Guides. Having both children in the same group is so life changing. I know I sound overly dramatic but it made such a difference to us when Alistair moved up to Scouts. Your Orla Kiely inspired hand stitching is very pretty, her style reminds me of the 1970s (in a good way). I look forward to seeing the bed runner one day soon. Thanks for your link, very kind. xx

  4. Great photo's , love the quilt. Something I have always wanted to be able to do,but never got around to.