Sunday, 23 June 2019

Midsummer Weekending

We were tempted to have a weekend off house building but we went to a festival last weekend so we need to keep the momentum going on our house build while there are light nights and non-rainy days. To ease the blow, we slept in the cabin, ate al fresco and tied everything in with a little kitchen building and shed demolition. It felt like a good way to please everyone.

 The early evening was warm and sunny, an ideal time to walk around the fields and catch the foxgloves. It is the first time we have slept at the cabin since last Summer. Everyone was really looking forward to it.

We had chicken on an open fire with salad. While the girls and Bloke walked to a nearby ford, I put some bananas and chocolate (yes, we are still eating chocolate rabbits from Easter!) on the dying embers. Bloke thinks they are disgusting but I was hoping Little M would get full towards the end and leave me some - she did!

Beano was exploring new areas. He is a very attentive puppy and always stays close to our legs. We did wonder what he would be like in the dog crate in the cabin but he slept soundly like us. Sometimes, contrary to the tranquil images, it is really difficult to sleep at the cabin due to animal noises, the sheep or the wind and rain. But this weekend it was perfectly quiet because the sheep were in another field and the sun shone.

The girls dragged out an old T-pee I made from a double duvet when they were little. They still enjoyed the den building aspect of putting it up and sitting in it together to eat marshmallows.

I sat at 10:30pm and watched about ten bats in the dusk catching insects from the pond. They fluttered and swooped close to me but I really liked the feeling of sitting on my own amongst them.

We all sat and watched the sun set from the cabin door, took some silly selfies in the orange sunset glow and did some grass identification with a reference book. I managed one row of crochet. Wholesome stuff folks.

Thanks for checking in. Have a good week. Jo xxxx


  1. Sounds idyllic eating fro an open fire and watching the sunset. I can imagine all the hard work been put into your new home, so you deserve some quality time together in the evening.

  2. Its good to take a break from everything every now and then to recharge your batteries ready for the onslaught of the next chapter of the house build. It will all be fabulous when it is finished.


  3. It does all sound perfect, lots of great memories made for your girls. Cx

  4. That all looks wonderful, a little holiday in itself really. Glad you got a bit of a rest from your build. x

  5. Your weekend sounds wonderful. Enjoy my friend, those little ones grow so fast.

  6. What a magical weekend (despite all the hard work on the house build). Great selfie, you all look glowing and fabulous. Love a silly selfie myself but I can never convince anyone to pose with me xx

  7. Gorgeous! What a lovely weekend.

  8. Thanks for sharing some of the highlights of your lovely weekend. I find bats interesting to view outside as you did, but am not too keen to feel trapped in a New England bedroom with one swooping around the room. [I ducked under the covers and yelled for rescuers who came :) ]

  9. It sounds like a pretty idyllic way to spend the weekend. I really love the way you and your family throw yourself into things so wholeheartedly. x