Sunday, 12 May 2019

No News is Good News

I don't actually have any news but in the spirit of living in the moment, I opened my eyes to what is all around me and May is definitely my favourite month of the year. The intense green colour is spectacular.

 One of the best things to see at our smallholding is the Hawthorn blossom. The change of the seasons is always marked for me by this explosion of froth. Annually, I photograph it as if it will be the last time I will ever see it but of course every year the flowers  come and I really look forward to seeing the spectacle. 

The girls strung some together and brought it up to the house where I hung it over the door of our new house.

This tree is not new news, it is the same as it always is every year. This week is the first year of my dad's passing and the rhythms of nature on his farm are a comfort to my memories. He loved this tree.

The girls are still enjoying the pond although it is a little neglected. We did some pond dipping after I had painted the new bathroom and filled endless wheelbarrows of gravel for a drainage ditch. It was good to take some time out and remember what we have on our little patch of planet earth.

The tadpoles have all gone (buffet for birds I expect) but I caught a sizable newt for the girls to see.

The sheep are still grazing on this luscious grass that May always brings. This is the feisty one of the flock. Soon I will have to catch her, and the others, for shearing.

The new house build continues. This is a different view and I hope soon to show you the whole elevation when we take the old grain shed down. But no real news, just working hard and trying to enjoy the process.

This is the house from the rear as I walked back up the field from the pond. The caravan has to be broken down for scrap because it is falling apart from the bottom but I can't face such a task at the moment, maybe in September.

So all in all no news is good news. Today, with no make up and a fringe that needs cutting, I feel more than good enough. 

Jo xxx


  1. Enjoying a catch up on some of your news...Mourning your loss of Bruce...Admiring your prolific much praiseworthy industry...Appreciating the beauty around you...Pondering the merit of the new scout badges...Celebrating the addition of Beano to your family...Sending you and yours love, dear Jo... xxxxx

  2. Enjoyed seeing the beauty around you. I love that you took time to look around and be content, an admirable quality. Such a cute puppy looking at you, he thinks you are good enough too. Cx

  3. Awesome! It does look very pretty around your new house. I am so glad you found a bit of free time to enjoy the scenery. Have a lovely week xx

  4. What a joy to take a moment and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. The blossom on the door was a delight, so simple and yet so very effective, stunning.

  5. What a beautiful spot! Everything is so green and lush. Thank you for sharing a little moment of your world it has brightened up my day too!

  6. Such stunning views and lovely photographs. I wouldn't worry about your fringe as I bet all eyes are on the puppy ;) x

  7. You look so happy with your new family addition and your new home. You are going to just love that gorgeous house.