Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Starting - a rather wonderful crochet top called Water Clover. I have checked I can follow the pattern so that I can enjoy this make as my holiday project at the end of May. Bloke said, "We can all enjoy our holiday if you can crochet that pattern before we get there." I don't know what he means! 

Starting - a big winter knit for myself. It is quite mindless at the moment, knitting a sweater from the bottom up in navy blue, but the yoke is yet to come and it is a worth waiting for!

Introducing - Beano our new puppy. We realised we just couldn't live without the company of a family dog.

Getting - all our stuff chewed all over again.

Making - chakshouka: Peppers, tomatoes and poached eggs to eat with garlic bread.

 Eating - Mexican tomato soup, croutons and nibbles.

Building - A kitchen, one unit at a time.

Buying - Funky bulbs for our new light fittings

Laughing - at this spanner I found as I completely gutted the workshop and re-organised all of the tools so that everyone, can find everything at the farm.

Wearing - not wearing tights anymore even though it is still cold

Disliking - that I have crocheted Little M a cardigan but she doesn't like it and won't wear it. We passed it on to a friend.

Enjoying - watching my little one gain confidence on the sewing machine. She is making some voile curtains for the bathroom - impressed?

Sewing - a jumpsuit for my big girl who chose this fabric from Minerva.

Fixing - The boiler. Ouch! expensive.

Selling - my dad's old tractor. You will not believe what someone paid for this heap. It would be crude to say...but we have some holiday spends, that's all I'm saying!

Looking - Forward to our holiday in Italy.

Thinking - about what to pack.

Feeling - Brighter, much brighter.


  1. Hello Beano and bye bye tractor! May seems much more optimistic for all of us :-)
    Love the jumpsuit you made for Big Sis! Perfect for an Italian adventure. I am ever so envious, we have still not planned a holiday..... too many differing opinions and unrealistic expectations. Have a lovely week xx

    P.S. Halfway through writing my own May... ing post, stuck for photos.

  2. How wonderful to be planning an Italian trip, such a beautiful country. The kitchen looks amazing, what a great space. The food looks delicious and is making me feel very hungry.

  3. I'm not surprised you got a good price for the tractor they are very collectable and a lot are still very much in service. So many new projects on the go including a new puppy Beano looks full of mischief but will be spoiled with love I'm sure. Hope you have a lovely holiday in Italy and big sis gets to show off her jumpsuit. Hope the bathroom curtain came out ok.


  4. Arh Beano looks adorable. An enjoyable post Jo, catching up with all that's happening. Your girls are learning so much from you. Enjoy your holiday plans. Cx

  5. Oh my! Beano is adorable! I know what you mean about wanting another dog, you can't live without one can you? Look at Little Miss on the sewing machine! Voile curtains for the bathroom? Yes I am very impressed! Big girl's jumpsuit is gorgeous, as is the crochet top! Enjoy your holiday and happy crocheting!

  6. Beano is sooooooo cute, bet he's fun! Kitchen looking good and the spanner....well!

  7. Beano looks gorgeous I bet you are all spoiling him. The crochet top looks lovely and the jumpsuit we just need the weather for the off the shoulder clothes now! I'm sure you are going to get some sunny weather in Italy. x

  8. Hey Jo, I love that crochet pattern - but when I click the rarely link it only lets you purchase it as a magazine with a ton of other patterns - did you find a version that just had that top?

  9. Hey Jo, I love that crochet pattern - but when I click the rarely link it only lets you purchase it as a magazine with a ton of other patterns - did you find a version that just had that top?

  10. Welcome to your new family member, he is adorable. I love that crochet pattern and have thought about making it but if you crochet it in the round I have to pass, I am horrible at joining rows.

  11. Awww Beano!! Oh my goodness he's beautiful. I don't think we could cope without a dog now either. Ziggy is naughty but he brings us together us a family so much. Loving that crochet pattern. xx