Friday, 9 November 2018

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Remembering - Family members on poppy day while making knitted and crocheted poppies for a community exhibition.

Making - A new going out top for the Winter season in stretch velvet.

Buying - A king size duvet and cover for our king size bed. Enough of those night time draughts and making do with the old one that is a double and too small.

Building - Internal stud walls. Rooms are taking shape now in our new house. Today I took a photo from the top level of the scaffolding.

Thinking - How lucky we are to have such great opportunities.

Loving -  November Skies at home, our current back door view.

Wondering - When to take blog photos now that we have long nights and shorter days.

Eating - Stuffed peppers with pesto potatoes and feta cheese.

Growing - Cress in tights!

Getting - A whole box of fruit and veg for £1.50. It is part of a supermarket's No waste policy.

Watching - The last blooms on my Strawberry Hill Rose. They must be the last surely?? It has been producing flowers since June.

Disliking - Scraping the car windscreen in the mornings.

Considering - Where to book a holiday for 2019.

Enjoying - Catching up with some family scrapbooking.

Deciding - What to keep out of a big new stash of donated yarn. Some can stay and some has to go...decisions, decisions.

Admiring - My daughters creativity to turn a little handful of  pre-knitted flowers from the bottom of the aforementioned bin bag into a new tea cosy.

Feeling - In a much better place working three days a week.

Jo xxxx


  1. You are all so creative. The tea cosy is adorable. What a view from your new house.

  2. I am so glad it is working out for you not working full time, very soon you will wonder how you ever had time to go to work. What a bargain on the fruit/veg box and the cress in tights was a real delight.

  3. Where are you? I think those are the Stretton Hills. We lived at Picklescott for 20 years and I really miss it. (We are now near Welshpool) And which supermarket is this? Could tell son & daughter-in-law about it. They live in Dorrington.

    1. They are indeed the Stretton Hills. I got the veg from Lidl in Madeley but I haven't seen them do it again! I must have been in the right place at the right time. Thanks for dropping in. Jo x

  4. The view is beautiful! I like the tea cosy too.

  5. Love your skirt from your previous post and the tea cozy, super idea by your little one, who is not so little anymore. GLd the house is coming along, so much to be excited about.

  6. Loving the tea cosy.
    Great bargain the veg box was, lots of lovely things in there.
    We watched the November sun setting whilst enjoying a flask of tea in a countryside layby this afternoon after a visit to an out of town garden centre.

  7. Much to celebrate in your Novembering! Your growing cress is soooo clever :) Especially love the cosy! Glad your work schedule is better! xx

  8. The view from your new house is stunning. Lovely countryside, too. I am not familiar with your part of the world but it sure looks nice. I wonder if our local supermarkets have veggie boxes like that? I haven't noticed but I don't do the grocery shopping much. As Gracie says, much to celebrate in your life just now. I hope the rest of November is as good as the beginning. xx

  9. The tea cozy is fantastic! Wow, she is becoming so proficient with yarn crafts. The view from your new house is just amazing, lucky you!