Monday, 5 November 2018

Fabulous Fabrics

I have embarked on one of my epic cutting out sessions. It is so rare to get the table in the dining room empty that when the opportunity arises, I monopolise it for a couple of days and cut out a load of stuff all at once. The skirt pictured above was the last item to complete from my last batch cutting session. It is a wonderful winter style wrap skirt from some free donated fabric and a free pattern download. The straps were free on the front of a magazine about 10 years ago!

I really like this skirt and the pattern matching on the seams and the front wrap bring me immense joy. This skirt lends it self to some future growth around the waist, if required. I was hoping to wear the Beatnik sweater with it but it was not to be.

As with many of my crafting projects lately, they have been thought about, got out of the cupboard and then shoved in a box all in a jumble. I had a rare day to myself and decided to get some semblance of order to the proceedings.

Beautiful stretch velour will be my new going out top. A tricky cut when you have to consider direction of velvet, direction of stretch and pattern placement. Cut.

This geometric ponte roma will be my new cosy winter dress. Cut

I did a book swap with my sewing friend and fell in love with this collared blouse. Cut.

In total I cut out seven garments. A cord dress for Christmas day, a stretch dress for winter, a t-shirt, the collared blouse, pointelle floral Pjs for me, bunny Pjs for big girl and a party top. 

That should see me through to the new year I reckon. All bagged up, labelled, complete with notions, ready to sew. 

Do you batch cut? It is a good way to stop oneself procrastinating and maximise your sewing time.

Jo xxx 


  1. Batch cutting sounds like such a good idea! The skirt looks great.

  2. I also batch cut and gather supplies like this but I've not had much sewing machine time to actually make things recently. You have a really lovely collections to construct over the next few weeks before Xmas!

  3. No batch cutting here yet, but you do encourage me to do so by your good report. Folks saw our house Saturday and made an offer. We countered the next afternoon and they accepted our counter so the sale of the house is now pending the rest of the process! xx

  4. You are so inspiring Jo! Wish I had a day off to do some serious cutting out ( I am sneakily reading this post while at work) I have one t-shirt ready cut but so much fabric to explore. I want to make tops mostly. I accidentally got too lots of a mauve ribbed knit fabric, if you are interested. I'll email you a link and explanation :-) A velvety fancy top sounds like a plan. I shall rummage in my boxes for some velvet. Thanks for making my day a brighter day with your enthusiasm and fabric bonanza. xx

  5. That is a really good idea and I like the way you keep everything together. I don't do it myself as most of the fabric I have between projects is left over bits. I look forward to seeing it all take shape. Love the little skirt just my kind of thing. x