Monday, 3 July 2017

The Dog Ate My Scout Tee Homework!

You know the phrase 'The dog ate my homework' 
Well in my case, 'The dog ate my neckband!' 

I bought the Scout Tee T-shirt pattern to use up some smaller pieces of lightweight fabric from my hoard. These pieces were given to me in a big carrier bag. This year, if you didn't know, I am on a stash diet.

I made a test top in this cotton lawn. It is a beautiful quality cotton if a little dated now so I thought I would use it to make the sizing toile (twa:l). I cut a size 10 (the sizing is US so that is a 40" hip and 37" bust) It is a tad too big but I wanted to get the hip size big enough without having to make slits at the side like I always do.

While cutting out my new paper pattern carefully on the lines, Bruce our puppy lay on the rug under the table. I collected all the pieces up and was ready to cut the fabric - I could not find the neckband piece. It was thin so I went through the whole bin looking at each strip I had cut off the pattern - nothing. Then I heard a rustling sound and Bruce had just finished eating it!  

I contacted CJ Made who was my inspiration to buy this pattern (she has so many nice Scout Tees) and she gave me some details on the size of the piece by looking at her pattern. Phew! disaster averted. So here it is finished.

The next one I made on Sunday went down a size and was much better. I made this from a piece of fabric I won in a giveaway from Caroline at CJ Made (all a bit spooky). Thanks Caroline it was a fabulous bag of goodies. My mind is whirring already.

The colour was absolutely perfect as the partner for my new cardigan which my aunt bought over this weekend. Look!

We went on a walk to Benthall Hall on Sunday which is in walking distance from our house. The day became warmer and warmer until I had to remove my beautiful new cardigan. 

The Scout Tee is the pattern for me!
Hope you had a good weekend
Jo x


  1. Ha ha! He ate your pattern piece! Shouldn't laugh. Two lovely blouses, perfect summer dressing. The strong teal colour suits you beautifully.

  2. When Mickey was a puppy he used to eat socks, we were often see out and about with odd socks on. Another beautiful make and the cardigan was stunning a beautiful gift.

  3. A fabulous weekend had by all I think.

  4. Awesome. Love your new Scout Tees. I think it is very fitting indeed that you made a Scout Tee from the fabric I sent you x It is Sewing Karma!
    So glad you received your parcel safe and sound.

  5. You found a lovely place to walk and wear your pretty new outfit. Our border collie once chewed the corner of a wall and another time munched off the leg of a little wooden lamb from our Nativity scene... xx

  6. More great makes Jo! You are so talented!! I am glad that some of the fabrics and things I sent you have been useful, although I haven't commented on many of your posts recently I have read them and enjoyed them and thought again how talented you are!

    1. Definitely Amy, I have used so many of the things. Jo x

  7. Love that shade of green, and that t-shirt is good fit on you. A good top like that is a godsend throughout the summer.