Sunday, 9 July 2017

Knitting is Addictive

Knitting is addictive. Just one more row. So many patterns, so little time. "Yes of course I would love that big bag of wool you are giving away!" Knit. Purl. Knit. Purl. I am currently experiencing the need for knitting to become more complex like a real addict. Something harder to tackle. A project to push more buttons. So it is with excitement that I show you my latest cast on. 
This gorgeous basket, which I bought in France, is holding the yarn for an intarsia knit. The yarn is all thrifted/donated/gifted. A brand of pure wool called Hjerte from Denmark and a co ordinating brown DK acrylic. A delightful Autumnal palette which I really want to wear. I wouldn't normally mix fibres but this will be a hand wash in the end anyway.

I am going to try and make this Kaffe Fasset cardigan from The Knitter issue 112

I made a start but had some technique problems. I needed 4 colours for each row (on my colour design) so I twisted the yarn on every stitch to keep the four colours trucking along the work.

I liked the colour mixes but the stitches were very twisted on the front and the fabric texture had no stretch at all because the twists locked every stitch. STOP this is not right I decided. I frogged it and started again, this time making separate balls for each diamond motif. It makes a stretchy fabric but now I am knitting with 12 balls of yarn and I feel like some kind of woolley demigod.

So another interesting project to add to my ever growing pile of WIP's.

What do you think? Tell me it is all going to be alright after I have stood up and said, "My name is Joanne and I am a knitter!"
Jo x


  1. Jo what a joy to visit today, you certainly made me smile with your last statement. So many projects so little time is how I feel about my little cottage which pushes me on. Crafting is definitely an addiction.

  2. Fabulous is the only word. I frogged an old WIP this morning that had been buried because it was soooo boring. Once my current sock is off the needles I will be searching for something more challenging for my small project knitting.

  3. That's a brilliant start Jo and looks good in the final try. I reckon the colours will look fabulous for Autumn.

  4. Oh, wow, that's going to be so beautiful! I love your basket too. The whole effect of the basket with yarn in it looks like something out of a magazine!

  5. You certainly are a knitter my friend. I still have one sweater in the time out basket, but need to get back to it. I however, am obsessed with crochet right now. I cannot barely pry that hook from my hand to do anything else. I want to make one shawl after another and I rarely even wear them. Still it keeps me happy and sane. Love your new project.

  6. Wow, very advanced, but it will be wonderful I am sure!!

  7. Your parting question left me laughing out loud :) It will probably not be helpful for me to admit that I love your addiction! I am across the pond cheering you on as you live your wonderfully creative life! Your latest Kaffe project wows me! I finished the Ruby shawl at midnight last night! A celebratory post is forthcoming! xx

  8. Wow lots of fun knitting projects to keep you out of mischief!

  9. Tee hee, I know just where you are coming from, Jo! What a challenging pattern!

    I, too, have a pile of unfinished knitted objects, supposedly easy ones, hidden away - all started well before our current sweet cats moved in - not sure whether it will ever be safe to knit again as they both think the movement of the knitting needles is a game, but at least they are saving me from making excuses for my knitting errors!

    I can just imagine the games our two cats would have with a project like yours ..... all those tiny balls to chew!

    Look forward to seeing you modelling it.

    Have fun!

    Barbara x

  10. Hi there, I have been recently pondering the whole issue of multiple WIP's and whether or not we should feel guilty for starting yet another project (!!). I felt a lot better when, at my knitting group in my local yarn shop, the owner said she had countless WIP's - we're talking 25 or more!! I was really impressed by that, in a "fellow addict" sort of way!!! Also, as she pointed out, we need different projects for different occasions - sometimes we want to switch on the tv and mindlessly knit and purl and other times, like you say, we want something more challenging. Anyway, seem to have ranted here and possibly gone off on a tangent ... love your knitting!

    1. Those are exactly the reasons I like a variety of projects on the go at once. It is just I really nee to finish that school cardigan before September before an Autumn cardigan for myself! Jo x