Thursday, 20 July 2017

Easiest Skirt Ever

 I have made the easiest skirt ever and it has been right under my nose for years! 

I have seen Handmade Jane make a few of these skirts. She said they were easy and used up a small amount of fabric - she was darn right.

I would like to say New Look K6217 has earned its keep but it was free on the front of a magazine over two years ago. I have made three pairs of the trousers from it, one pair of which are too tight for me right now! I forget how many of the tops I have made, many, but I had never tried the skirt. I guess I just already had other short skirt patterns I used and felt I couldn't really improve on what I had but I was wrong. 

Simply two pieces with back darts and side vents eliminating the need to make a kick pleat on the back. I used an invisible zip but the pattern walks you through a lapped zip if you want to master one.

I did some pattern matching to make it look smooth on the side seams. My top tip here is to put two pins together to remind you not to sew all the way to the end otherwise you will not get side vents. I use this two-pin-stop technique a lot.

The pattern is particularly good if you only have a small piece of fabric left over because you do not need to cut a long waistband piece. You finish the waste with twill tape. This piece was just the right length and guess what? It was the ribbon that held a bunch of fat quarters together! My stitching is a bit wobbly there, whoops. I cut out a size 14 at 6pm and had it on at 7:20pm. Fast.

This has been my favourite skirt length of late. I used to make them shorter which is fine for winter skirts with tights or leggings but I need a longer version for summer vanity.

Worn with a cotton blouse I made a while back whilst being photo bombed by the dog, I felt pretty happy with this skirt. Especially as it only cost me 50p for the zip. The fabric was from an elderly lady who was having a clear out at craft group and she gave me a bag of stuff in February. I wore it to work and sports day on Tuesday.

I had a big haircut yestersday after this photo - so hot. 
Enjoy the sunshine. Jo xxx 


  1. An hour and twenty? That is quick! It looks lovely on you too. You've done a great job on the pattern matching.

  2. Lovely skirt what a quick result. That Bruce is very good at having his photo taken whether it be his face or his bum lol.

  3. I like the twill tape, I've seen bias binding tape suggested in one of my books which I was going to try but I think this seems more stable.

    As always another successful and lovely result. My fabric collection is all scraps and fat quarters and I find fabric expensive so don't make as much as I would like in the way of clothes.

  4. looks great on you Jo.
    I must give that pattern a go sometime. Easy and quick is great isn't it, though I'm sure it would still take me a few hours :0)
    Jacquie x

  5. Very cute, Jo. I love the way it fits around your hips, it looks sleek without being tight. Good job using up a piece of fabric, too. You're my using-up hero!

  6. Such a pretty skirt and so speedy to make too!

  7. A great speedy make and very thrifty too.

  8. You look wonderful in your new skirt Jo.

  9. I use the two pin method. Saves a whole lot of unpicking! You had me with the quick to make. I love a quick make. It looks fabulous on you. Even more sweet for costing next to nothing. Love the pattern matching. I avoid side vents, but this one is quite modest.