Thursday, 24 March 2016

Minerva + Vintage Pledge 2016 = Butterick 3217

Let's get back to those spotty fabrics shall we...

Today I am showing you my latest make from Minerva fabric. This navy random spot was perfect for making a blouse (Butterick 3217). The drape of the lightweight crepe made it feel luxurious and didn't overpower the gathered sleeve shape. I really love it and would definitely buy it again, if I wasn't already up to my eyes in dotty fabric.

This is my new going out top. I love it. The spherical pearl buttons are so in keeping with the 1960's pattern.

I learnt new skills as ever with any garment. Today it was how to make a faced button cuff with a slit. Not hard but matching notches was the key, glad I marked them now!

The fabric is 100% polyester lightweight crepe and would make a beautiful Mathilde blouse or a pussy bow blouse, it comes in other spotty colours too.

Thanks for looking at my March Vintage Pledge sponsored by Minerva Crafts. Jo x


  1. That looks stunning, very stylish. I love your choice of fabric and it may encourage me to try other fabrics a bit more often I seem to gravitate towards cotton and jersey a lot. I have not really tried much vintage stuff apart from a dress for a friend maybe I should join in. xx

    1. You don't have to iron it either, win win! I have washed it, hung it on a coat hanger and then put it back in the wardrobe when it is dry.

  2. Anything that doesn't need to be ironed is a real win. Impressive pearl buttons.

  3. Stylish, comfy, and no ironing....perfect :) xx

  4. Cute buttons and winning top, perfect for a night out.

  5. Fantastic Jo!!! If I see you on the sewing bee I would not be at all surprised you are so good with your dressmaking! xx

  6. You are so adorable I can't even stand it, and that blouse is perfect for you. Now go out and have fun in it.

  7. Love the pattern, love the fabric, love polka dots and love your "fancied up to go out" look!

  8. Ooh, look at you, very glam! Those spots work beautifully with the shape of the pattern. x