Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Big and Little Refashion

I bought a little bit of Liberty fabric. The pattern was from 1968, funny that because I always unknowingly choose vintage sewing patterns from 1967,1968 and 1969. Must be my thing.

Bloke had a little hole in his jumper...

I did a little bit of measuring and thinking...

I made the big brave cut...

Added little strips of Liberty ...

Next I had a little look in my sewing stash and found these vintage beauties ...

I had a little try on but it was too big...

I hammered on the little pearly poppas...

Big it up for my new little cardigan...

One less jumper in landfill.
Thanks for stopping by.
Jo xx


  1. A girl from my own heart. We have definitely become a throw away nation so its heartening to see recycling going on. A very professional recycling job, it is beautiful. Love the fabric, impressive.

  2. Love it. The colour green looks lovely enlivened with the floral fabric. Very clever and it looks rather 'posh' too. I really enjoy seeing your makes.

  3. This is amazing i never thought of turning an old jumper into a cardigan before!!!

  4. That worked out brilliantly and I love that Liberty fabric. Jackie

  5. Jo that's fabulous! The Liberty trim transforms the cardigan, it really does. I love it. Great job! xx

  6. Love the liberty fabric....and your cardi is gorgeous

  7. Off to go through my old jumper drawer.... thanks for the inspiration! You look fab. x

  8. The fabric looks like it was well worth the effort to re use. I love Liberty too. Very on-trend and professional looking job. Nice one Jo.

  9. Hi Jo,

    I really love what you did there!!! And it looks smashing on you!!!
    Well done!
    PS: fancy some free crochet patterns? Hop over my blog quickly...

    Ingrid xx

  10. What a fabulous make over and completely unrecognisable from the original sweater.

  11. Jo! You are so clever! Before I know it you are going to have your own designer label....wait a minute, you already do, don't you! Bravo! xxxx

  12. What a great idea. I have jumpers which are too small. Not admitting to putting weight on, they must have shrunk in the wash..... Now I can restyle instead of throwing away. Thank you for the inspiration. Xx

  13. I love this! Such a clever idea and so nicely done!
    Helen xox

  14. If this was my cardigan this would be my favourite. A really good up cycle x

  15. Lovely, I feel a trip to my husband's wardrobe coming on!

    1. You totally inspired me Jo, I added some pretty fabric to an old cardie and finally got round to blogging about it today - you can find it here if you want to see, I did credit you with the inspiration of course!

  16. Well done the floral really lifts the green and the refashioning works so well. Great job.

  17. Jo! Brave and brilliant. Well done!

  18. Love it and love the fabric!xx

  19. This is an awesome re-do Jo! Brilliant!

  20. It looks really pretty, the liberty fabric really finishing it off nicely. I bet that first cut into the jumper was daunting. I too hate just throwing stuff out, I have a bag full of old jeans for a project sometime!
    Caz xx

  21. I love a good refashion! The colour is great, well worth saving :)