Friday, 11 March 2016

Handmade Lampshade

I made a lampshade. It was so easy. 

I used a kit I was given at the CHSI show to try out. They are from and it is an awesome project requiring nothing but an hour of your crafty time, some scissors and some fabric.

Everything you need to make a lampshade in a pizza box!

Stick your fabric to the stiffener.

Fold back and crack the scored PVC edges.

Add tape to the rings.

Roll the rings onto the fabric. It was really smooth and easy to do.

Be patient and fold over the excess using the natty little tool included in the kit to conceal the edges.

Ta dah! done. I didn't realise how yellow and crispy the old one was until I took it off. I am so miserly when it comes to buying such home items, I would rather make my own things for our home, it feels good for my soul.

This company do litter bins, clocks and wall mounted light kits too.

Such Fun! Thanks for looking. Jo x


  1. Loving how everything matches but not ott. Thanks for sharing I did wonder how they were made K xXx

  2. That's very pretty. I remember making a lampshade many years ago. I had some material left over after making curtains and was thrilled that I could make a matching lampshade.

  3. It does look quite easy and I love your that the large size? £33 for frame seems quite pricey to me even if you have fabric in stash. I am miserly too and got my last drum lampshade at a jumble sale! lol.

    1. No, this is the 30cm one which is £11.00. I was given this one to try out because the £33 one is 70cm in diameter which is huge!

  4. I used to make my own lampshades, I don't know why I haven't for awhile.

  5. It looks lovely and does seem straightforward to do. I would pay much less than the £33 mentioned by another commenter for a new shop-made one though so it does seem expensive if that is the price. It seems materials are so often over priced. Nice result though. Using a kit might make one feel confident enough to do it again without one, even if the process were a little more tricky.

    I love the picture of your sofa. The cushions and your crochet blanket laid along the back of it look so relaxing and pretty.

  6. Love it! I reckon even I could manage to make one, you made it look so easy ;)

  7. This seems to be a fun project and your fabric looks wonderful. I have never tried to make my own lampshades but with such a kit I should be able to do it, as well. Viola

  8. Jo I love the idea of this so much, and wow the finshed lampshade looks amazing
    Clare xx

  9. I love this. I've covered old lampshades with fabric but you still have the crispy yellow on the inside. I have a similar standard lamp from my parents which I've part-painted Charleston Gray. It currently sports an old coolie lampshade which is not quite right but now I've seen yours I think I'm going to splurge on a 40cm drum shade kit. Thanks Jo.

  10. I made one of these with Kaffe Fassett fabric for the living room. They are super easy aren't they. They seem a bit pricey but when you actually look at how much a nice one costs, they work out to be quite good value.

  11. What a lovely post and such a beautiful lampshade! Love your choice of fabric! Thanks for making one of our lampshade kits and showing how easy they are!
    (£11.66 for one kit or £8.74 for two to twenty three kits or £5.95 for more than twenty three kits!).

  12. I have never succeeded in making a lampshade, but I love the kit you completed and appreciate seeing your process, Jo. Thanks!