Monday, 25 January 2016

Cutting out and me

For someone who loves to sew, I actually loathe cutting out. It seems that by the time you have cut everything out somebody wants you to do something else other than join it all together - meals, finding things, attend children's parties, drinks etc. So today's story starts with an empty basket. A very lovely empty basket one of my sewing group made for me at Christmas.

I finished my Mundane Monday home jobs early today (through hard work it must be said) so I thought I would fill my basket with exciting things. I have had a bit of a splurge lately. I always do that in January because I am a serious sale shopper. I don't run out of money before Christmas but always in January however I did buy some fantastic things.

Two back issues of Ottobre magazine and two kits from Craftsy but because the postage was so high I thought I would get two, maybe one will be a pressie for a friend. I have laid off the yarn sales this year as I am still working my way through last years. My eyes were bigger than my cupboard! The children's Ottobre magazine is a bit of an 'issue' as it is in Finnish. Mmm! I was so busy looking at the pictures I didn't select the right language copy. No matter I reckon I can do some of the stuff from the pattern pieces alone.

Big Sis loved this:

and this, slightly harder without instructions I am sensing:

Little one likes this:

and they both liked this combo in fact I'd wear it myself:

But I don't have fabric for any of these yet, just dreaming at the moment. I also tend to use my remnants to make the children's clothes so I need to see what is going to be left over, it is economical but we teeter on the edge of looking like the Waltons. I do however have other things to be getting on with so I had a cutting out couple of hours this afternoon.

I gathered together all the bits for a bra. I have made my first one which I will post later in the year because it is linked to my Minerva products post in April but suffice to say it did not put me off and I have cut out another.

I've had this viscose fabric for a while now and it really needs to be something so this is all parceled up ready to go sew.

I have fabric all cut today for a Tilly coco tunic/dress. The pattern is one way so I had to concentrate on that one. I don't want to wear upside down birdies.

That gave way to leftovers which I cut straight away into a jersey skirt to go over leggings. The waist is made from cuff ribbing and my girls love them because they actually fit their waists.

After my replica blouse make, Big sis wondered if I could make her favourite white blouse again but bigger. This pattern is pretty close to the shape so I cut this in the blouse version.

Ta dah! a basket full with five things to pick up and go when I have a sewing 20 minutes here or there. No asking everyone to clear the table, no interruptions, all the notions in the bags - just blissful sewing to look forward to.

That is how I cut out people. 


  1. How organised, and yes I agree it's the cutting that takes time and space!, I love all the projects you have on the go, really want to get sewing more this year.

  2. That's a lovely basket and a great idea. My Bernina is in for service this week so I can have a few days preparing for her return K xXx

  3. I wish I had your level of organisation. I have been putting off the sewing of a dress because I don't want to cut it out.... x

  4. Have to say the girls have good taste I also like the patterns they chose for their new makes. Come on mum hurry up!!!!!!

  5. Now that is what I call dedication, it took me an age to clear up the lounge this morning after a sewing session at the weekend. I am sticking to the craft room in future nobody see's the mess in there and I can clear up when I want to. I love the patterns your girls have chosen they have impeccable taste and the bird fabric is a real delight.

  6. I was never as organised as all that, but like you I do hate cutting out. I always tried to get it done in advance.

    I so love the little girls clothes. You will love seeing your two wearing them when they are made. One of the things my daughter and I used to enjoy together was picking out fabric for her next make - often this was for a party dress as I made her one every year. At the time Laura Ashley sold the prettiest fabrics and they got reduced in sales and so my daughter got some lovely dresses from them.

    The outfits in the magazines are very nice indeed. I also love the fabric you have chosen for the blouse, the colours are lovely.

    I really think your blog header must speak the truth, you must be so busy with so many other things and the demands made on your time, but you seem to make lots of things, so you must sew or make pretty much every day I think. Anyway, it's lovely that we get to see.

  7. I'm so excited to see these creations, Jo. I love everything girls picked out. I actually like cutting fabric but I don't sew clothing very often. I can definitely see where it would get tedious. Your basket is so cute, what a nice gift and way to stay organized. As always, very impressive. :)

  8. What a great idea, I'd never think to do anything like that - far more organised! x

  9. Fantastic Jo!! You are all set and ready to go!!! xx

  10. Wow you are organised - v impressed! My eyes are bigger than my cupboard too but that doesn't stop me!

  11. I'm hearing you girl...I'm like that with knitting. I love the
    knitting part, but don't like the stitching up and sewing buttons
    on. lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  12. Wow, that's lot of sewing and great way to organise. I do that way for my cross stitch projects.

  13. Great sale buys. In awe of your organisation. I like using up scraps on kids clothes too, but it does mean we all have to check what we are wearing at the weekend so we don't match!

  14. I'm sure it felt a bit never ending when you were doing al the cutting out but look at how much time you will have saved when it comes to finding a bit of quiet time for you to start and stitch them together. A very useful gift I would say.

  15. Don't do what I did...made a lovely blouse and decided to give it a quick dip in the bowl and drip dry. I couldn't believe how much it shrank and the seams twisted. VISCOSE...I'll never use it again. I wash all my fabrics before using them now, although I've never had that happen before.

  16. Well done Jo, you are amazing. I look forward to each and every finished project.

  17. I am very impressed with your forward planning. I am also a fan of bagging up everything you need to make a project, it stops me using it for something else.

  18. It encourages me to know that even though you dislike cutting material you have found a way to maximize your time getting it done. I need to have a cutting day to cut out the squares for the patchwork quilt I want to make make. I love your project basket! xx