Thursday 28 January 2016

Birch Trees and Birdies

I received this contemporary Art Jersey from White tree fabrics last month to make an item of clothing. The large print called for a dress with not too many pattern slashes so I went for my first Coco dress or Tunic to keep the tree trunks in tact. I would say that the actual fabric is a brighter blue than on the internet pictures in which it appears a bit more 'duck-egg-grey-blue'

A coco comes together really quickly so they are a joy to make.I pre-washed the fabric at 40 degrees and it came out as good as new. The problem I have had in the past sewing jersey is that the hem wobbles as it stretches and goes under the machine so I tried a stabilising technique. 

Pin up your hem and then with the wrong side of the dress showing, sew under the machine with a layer of grease proof paper between the foot and the fabric. It stops the fabric stretching and leaves you with a beautifully flat hem to press. See...

I did the same on the cuffs. You peel off the paper and pick any little bits off which is small fry compared to wavy cuffs and hems. Try it, it really works.

Then we went out to find some birch trees and some fresh air so my footwear is slightly dubious. I have long grey boots which look great with it but a three mile wet walk in the woods was not the day to be wearing them. Here are a lot of photos just because we took them, laughed a great deal and tried to look normal at a National Trust Property last Sunday.

My petticoat is hanging down with the icy breeze blowing the skirt front up in the air.

At one point some people were looking so we made it look like we were having a normal family photo.

Then because we were being silly, Bloke said, 'show us your bum mum!' - so I showed my legging covered bottom.

My children are too young to be embarrassed by me yet so they were in fits of giggles begging me to put my layers back on because it was so cold not because people might see me. 
Well folks, that was us looking normal.

I hope the sewing tip helps someone grappling with Jersey out there. Thank you White Tree for the sponsorship of fabric, it was a joy to work with.

See you soon.

Jo x


  1. You are so cute Jo! Seriously! Your talent coupled with your humor is so fantastic! You made me smile tonight and awesome top!!! Happy weekend! Nicole xo

  2. What a great post, you manage to sew things so quickly, I love the fabricx

    1. It was quick, I sewed it on my overlocker, probably took about 1 hour altogether. I cut it out the other day. It is nice fabric isn't it. Jo x

  3. Lovely tunic/dress love the colour it really suits you. Not too sure that your normal and my normal are the same thing though lol.

  4. Ha. ha! A great post. Unfortunately my daughter is old enough to be embarrassed about taking photos of me in public. That's why I have a lot of the orange brickwork of the house!
    Love the photo of the 3 of you. Such a great Coco!

  5. Great dress, really showcases your lovely fabric. Great photos too!

  6. It looks fantastic on you Jo! Great fabric too isn't it. Love the photo of you and the girls! xx

  7. Brilliant tip for sewing stretchy fabric. Thank you! You and the tunic look fabulous in all of the photos, but the one with you and your girls is the best.

  8. You are hysterical and such a fun Mom! Love the tunic/dress, you did a great job.

  9. Aren't you clever, Jo, and it looks so pretty on you (front and back :-)

  10. Although I am not a seamstress I love learning about the successful methods you are discovering as you develop your sewing skills, Jo. Thanks for sharing those and your fun modeling session, too :) xx