Sunday, 19 July 2015

Weekend Smorgasboard

Today's post is a weekend smogasboard of colour and activity.

Brightly coloured allotment fayre for us to tuck into over the next week.

A little light crafting:friendship bracelets and beading.

We went to a local folk/arts festival at the Edge in Much Wenlock.

I was dancing there with the Severn Sisters Tribal belly dance group with my friends...I did smile for some bits of it, a skill I need to work on. My concentrating face always takes over.

We danced alongside the raucous Ironmen Morris team. Can you spot my neighbour there wearing his jacket I repaired for him? He made me my yarn bowl.

and the Severn gilders women's team. We all dance in the same spot as their musicians play live music for us at outdoor events.

There were also great activities for the children too: circus skills, storytelling, crafts, a clog dancing workshop and general running around in the sunshine.

Oh how we laughed as we watched bloke having a go on a unicycle. Thank heavens our baby making years are over, that's all I'm going to say!

So the children are yet to find out that tomorrow the mundaneness of Monday will soon be upon them when we all have to go food shopping and do an entire week of washing together. It can't all be fun!

I hope you had a colourful weekend in the sunshine.
Jo xxxxxxx


  1. Clog dancing workshop - I'd love a go at that ! Looks like a fun weekend :)

  2. The family hands together photo is worth a thousand words, Jo...a fun time together by the looks of all the other photos, too :) Your Yarn Bowl Jacket did you proud! I hope you and the girls don't find the laundry and grocery shopping too much of a letdown after such an exciting weekend. I spent a good bit of yesterday trying to sort through some old family photos and managed to part with a whole lot of blurry ones :) xx

  3. They just might be ready for some quiet time after all that fun. You look beautiful dancing and your concentration face is wonderful. I am finished my laundry and now getting ready for a week of work, I think I would rather hop off to the market and have more clean clothes.

  4. It can't all be fun is right! But boy did that look like a great time! Fun for all! And seeing your group dance is always a treat! Wishing you a great week Jo! Nicole xo

  5. What a great weekend! Your dancing looks as though it was fun to take part in and watch! All of the allotment produce is yummy too! I hope that this week is just as good! xx

  6. It sounds like a wonderful weekend, its a pity Monday comes around at times x

  7. What a fun day! You look beautiful in your belly dancing outfit.

  8. It seem that you had a great time at the weekend. It is always wonderful to spend time with the family, isn't it? And of course life just can't be fun all the time, how could we enjoy fun if everything was fun? But I hope that Mondays will at least bring some fun moments, as well. Viola

  9. So much lively colour in your photos. Looks like a fun weekend. Bee xx

  10. So much lively colour in your photos. Looks like a fun weekend. Bee xx

  11. It seems like your got your holidays off to a cracking start. I love weekends like those, with a mix of domestic pottering and getting out and about. You look fabulous in your belly dancing get up! xx