Saturday, 11 July 2015

Vitamin C

We are picking fruit like crazy at the moment. The veggies are looking a bit tired, they never really go going in early summer but the strawberries just keep coming. We have picked 4 kilos Kilos in the last 2 weeks!!

I am trying not to make jam because a)I haven't got time and b)I still have a shelf full of last years jam. We just have to keep eating them - breakfast, snacks, lunchboxes and evening dessert everyday.

I also picked blackcurrants and redcurrants but I froze these ones for winter pavlovas. I cooked up the rhubarb with a drop of rosewater and froze that for crumble too. Yum!

Talking of crumble... here are my top tips:

1. Get children to do it, they make good crumble with their little fingers.

2. Always make twice the recipe. Why dirty a bowl and your hands again another day?

3. Bag up the crumble and freeze it in portions suitable for the dish you normally use. I have cooking notes in my book.

4. Use butter and leave some big chunks to go 'biscuity'

Next up to help with the fruit glut my neighbour lent me her ice cream maker - oh my it was divine.


I used 4 egg yolks so I made meringues with the whites. 

Did I say I didn't have enough time to make jam?? now I have just made all of this!Oh well at least everyone is scoffing strawberries with ease now.

Finally in my food news, my nextdoor neighbour gave us the most amazing gift to say thank you for being so understanding while they have had builders for the last 6 weeks (we share a drive you see) Flowers, wine, cheese, sun dried tomatoes, olives and crackers.

Get crumbling folks. Jo xxx


  1. I was thinking, so she is too busy to make jam, but she has done all this and then you said the very thing!! Hee hee!! I bet the homemade ice cream was delicious!!! In fact I bet that everything has been delicious including that very kind hamper of food from your lovely neighbours, how kind of them. I make extra crumble topping and freeze it too, it is a great idea isn't it. Gooseberry crumble for us tomorrow!! xx

  2. Yummy vitamin C!!! Our blackberry vines are looking promising as is my Sun Gold cherry tomato plant, so I am hoping to join you in enjoying homegrown vitamin C soon :) I am glad you have good neighbors, too! xx

  3. I am rubbish at rubbing in but my children are all amazing at it. So yes, I get them to do it here too. We have had 1 strawberry. Yes 1. Oh well.

  4. It is a shame strawberries really don't freeze well, so yes you will just have to keep on eating them and eating them....! No home grown ones but bought ones have been delicious this year and they aren't always.

    Nice of the neighbours to acknowledge the inconvenience and upheaval they have caused. It makes all the difference. So many people make so much noise and have no idea, also no courtesy to warn you in advance, apologise for the inconvenience or thank you for patience. You must have nice neighbours. I don't!

  5. If my neighbours offered me a hamper like that I would let them build on the drive. We now have the start of the wild blueberry season here in wales, my fingers may well be purple for a month.

  6. I never thought to double the recipe when I make crumbs. What a great idea. I like making life as simple as possible. How lucky you are to have all those delicious strawberries. Strawberry season only lasts 2-3 weeks in June here in NY. What a lovely gift from your neighbors - considerate and generous. Enjoy.

  7. What wonderful neighbours, a great gift. Like you I always add crumble topping to the freezer, I do the same with pastry.

  8. thanks for the tip on doubling amounts. I am going to try and make my life a bit easier and start to really use the freezer. There just doesnt seem to be enough hours in the day to do it all . You have been very busy.It all looks yummy

  9. hmmmmmm love your home cooking tips will do some of this here now too, thanks!

  10. That's lot of harvesting!! :) how many strawberry plants you have? I am thinking of planting one but I can do only container gardening as I live on 7th floor. That's a good gesture from your neighbours to say thank you:)

  11. Don't forget to make summer pudding while you have strawberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants available, it's a great way to use up slightly stale bread. The birds always seem to get to the redcurrants in our garden before I get my act together to even think about picking them.