Friday 30 January 2015

Sewing up

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the scarf, she read them all and was really pleased. More knitting today... seldom meet a knitter who likes to sew up garments. Me, I love it. I love the thrill of the finish (you may have noticed) so I like to sew up, it feels exciting. I didn't used to though until I used this technique.

Work with the right side facing you. It makes sense doesn't it? you can see what your work will actually look like. I used to work the other side, sew really neatly then turn it out and hope it looked OK but it was mostly awful.

See in the picture the vertical rows of stocking stitch? Ignore the knobbly edge and think about inserting your needle between the V's in the first good row.

If you bury down you will see a little ladder underneath, put your needle under two of them, then draw the thread through. Pull thread and move your needle to the right hand side.

Do the same. As you work side to side, the stocking stitch will meet up in the middle and appear seamless and flat.

It is called matress stitch. If you have to incorporate a bit of ease because one piece is a bit longer than the other (yes it happens to me) Pick up one ladder on the short side and two ladders from the longer side and it will square up.

If that has all just blown your mind and you want to see a video, here is a link to a really useful tutorial to help you along.

Hope that is helpful for somebody. 
Sorry to inflict that yarn on you again! Jo x


  1. I avoid sewing up knitted stuff like the bubonic plague! x

  2. You are so right, this is definitely THE technique which makes all the difference to the finish! I don't hate sewing up in general, but I do hate setting in sleeves with a passion.... Great demo!

  3. That looks so neat. Beautiful shades too. I do admire your knitting as I don't do it but I agree, I like putting my crochet items together for the final finish! xx

  4. Glad to hear big sis was so pleased with all her comments. She so deserved them. I don;t particularly like sewing together and at times have crocheted things together which actually gives a very neat seam especially on cowls and things. I'm thinking I may try it on cardigan or jumper seams to see how that turns out.

  5. I also love sewing knitting together. But I am also a hand sewer who just likes the slow pace of it all and being in the zone. It's really nice drawing the threads up and seeing how lovely the knitting all looks. Mattress stitch is lovely and neat from the front although it has a seam at the back. I still sometimes use over sewing with small stitches for a flatter seam too, but it is a little more visible. Sometimes working flat is better than working in the round because you don't get the jog as you go up a level - particularly noticeable with colours. The ends of rows can be absolutely matched up instead of spiralling around. I really like sewing in ends too - I had hundreds with my ripple blanket and it just felt part of the rather nice processes of it all.

  6. Okay that is brilliant! I always struggle with sewing the wrong sides together - I *think* its going to look alright on the other side, and it only does sort of some of the time, and looks like junk the rest of the time! I will have to try this the next time I'm sewing something up!!

  7. I don't really like sewing in ends or sewing up the finished knitting either but I do LOVE mattress stitch and how pretty it looks when it's all done :-)
    Happy weekend!

  8. I've always thought mattress stitch is a tiny bit magical :) it really is invisible, I love that bit where you pull the wool taut and it disappears - magic!

  9. Bring it on!! I love to learn though I would do so much better if I could sit in on one of your classes! I have yet to take another crochet class so I haven't grown much in that area but I plan on it when I have a little more time! Thank you for the link friend and happy weekend to you! Nicole xo

  10. I am rubbish with the finish I have to say. You do a beautiful job.

  11. I quite like mattress stitch too, when you pull it and the seam sort of zips up :-) I think I've been trying to use the edge stitches though so I'll go with your instructions on using the first "good v". Makes sense to me! x

  12. Such a great explanation of this! I have never been able to work this out for crocheting, but now I see how you did it, it all makes sense - at last!! Thank you SOOOOOO much!! xx