Friday, 2 January 2015


I have enjoyed reading and ogling so many of your year end reviews this week. The colour, talent, fun and creativity is truly inspiring. I really can't do one of my own, I just make too much random stuff to make a stylish mosaic but I would like to record and share my crafting resolutions for 2015..Looking forward shall we say?

1. I want to crochet a skirt and have done for a long time.

2. I want to knit something for my bloke that is not a hat.

This is just to frighten him because he reads this blog!!!
3. I would like to finally master using double pointed needles.

4. I want to set a time target for my double bed quilt.

I am one of those people for whom resolutions stick around, they make me change my behaviour for a long time. Here are some of the New Years Resolutions that I have enjoyed in the past which have continued to influence my life.

Having an allotment

Buying food with less air miles or none at all

Wearing all my clothes in my wardrobe not just jeans

To invite someone/family/friends to eat once a month

To return to belly dancing

To start a blog

To teach crochet lessons

So do you make new years resolutions? Do they work for you?

Jo xx


  1. i always make new years resolutions but this year im determined to keep them!

    loving the crochet skirt! your could make a long one for tribal belly dance!


  2. I crocheted a very plain skirt last year and it was a most fun thing to do. Love your sewing.

  3. loving your plans Jo happy new year!
    no i don't make resolutions! I have ideas! much better. and may I say those boys in cardis are lovely my toh would love a cardi like that but I dont knit!!
    bestest Daisy j x

  4. I know how you feel about wishing to wear all your clothes, not just the jeans! That's one of my struggles!!
    I made a giant list of resolutions (with a lot of things that are just basically a continuation of what I had already started for myself) and I'm excited to be working on them! I think that's a big part of resolutions, is picking things you are in love with and are able to get excited about - the norm is for everyone to lose steam by the end of January, but how could you lose steam if you love what you set out to do?! :)
    Wishing you luck in all of your creative endeavours for the year!

  5. No resolutions here apart from appreciating the friends I have and not worry about those I think I should have (if that makes any sense). I wish you a very happy New Year Jo! Double pointed needles are absolutely wonderful to use, I prefer the clickety clack of 5 double pointed needles over circular needles any day. x

  6. I am with you on the crochet skirt, I would love to make one. If you find a great pattern I hope you will share it. Wishing you great luck with your goals. Happy 2015!

  7. Such great resolutions and it is great that you keep them. I will look forward to seeing and hearing about the results as you go along! xx

  8. I'm rubbish at resolutions so I'm very impressed by anyone who sticks to them :) Cannot wait to see a crochet skirt, esp if it's as daring as the one in the picture! (Not to mention the mans waistcoaty thing - v snazzy!

  9. WOW! Have you inspired me with your words about resolutions.....I really liked the one where you had about having people over once a month. I think that is just fantastic! And of course eating food with less miles! I can't wait to see you kick out some projects like the ones you pictured friend!!! Here is to a beautiful new year to you and your family!!! Nicole xoxo

  10. I'm very impressed with you sticking to new year resolutions. I don't make any but do a bit of reassessing of life each year and try to incorporate small changes, I have a couple of ideas this time around. Can't wait to see your crocheted skirt!
    Happy New Year
    Best wishes Caz xx

  11. I love this post and the resolutions. Funny sweater photo re: the hubby. You make me want to resolve to have someone over once a month and to dress nice on the days I'm not at work - it's generally sweats or sometimes even pj's. haha.

    Happy 2015 to you!

  12. You have an ambitious list of projects for 2015, but if there is anyone who can make good progress on such a list I am confident it is you, Jo! Among other things, I want to make more progress on making something every day as you aim to do, because I am convinced I will accomplish more in the end if I do. You inspire me! xx

  13. No set resolutions here Jo. Just good intentions for me.Wishing you a wonderful New Year. Bee xx

  14. You have some great resolutions Jo, I will look forward to seeing your crochet skirt as that is something which interests me too. No resolutions for me, but I do have lots of plans!
    Marianne x

  15. I try not to make resolutions because I fear I won't stick to them, but secretly I have ambitions for 2015! I like the idea of a crochet skirt, although the one in your post might leave little to the imagination haha! Get practicing those DPNs, I promise you won't regret it. I hated them at first, but I kept finding or buying patterns which needed them and I gave in avoiding. It's not easy at first, but anything with a good number of cast on stitches should be a good place to begin; do NOT start where you've got 1 or 2 stitches and you have to increase,

    I'm looking forward to seeing some big quilty action too, the colours are looking fabulous :-) x

  16. What a great idea. I also have things I'd like to make, and things I'd like to learn to do better. Crochet skirt - can't wait to see that one! I fancy crocheting a top. Your blog is so inspiring Jo, I love your can-do attitude to everything.