Monday, 5 January 2015

All Done #6 Laura Ashley circa 1993

My 6th All Done post where I show how a piece of crafty stash has all been used up and is no longer using drawer space.

Every time I sat at the sewing machine in the holidays, both of the girls said "Can I have a go?" I relented and said yes every time which meant I didn't do as much of my quilt as I wanted but they both loved making their skirts.

Big Sis is very good on the machine. She gets a good speed going. 

Little M is a little bit more reckless and feels the need for speed! I truly could not take a photo of her; someone would have lost a hand!

The fabric is a piece about 1m that I have had since 1993. I was glad she liked it because it was too out of fashion for me to wear.

Once the minions had got bored and wondered off elsewhere I got down to some intermediate sewing with this pinafore to use up the red remnants and the last of my jeans fabric.

From Ottobre magazine 4/2012

I like it and seeing as this is how I judge most of my cooking... 
it looks like the picture!

Back to work tomorrow but I will be glad of the rest.
Jo xxxxxx


  1. I remember sewing with my Mother, she was not patient at all.
    Hugs to you and great projects.

  2. Love the pinafore and as you say, it looks just like the picture!

  3. Wow, I'm so impressed with your pinafore. It's perfect. I love that you're teaching your girls to machine sew. I hope my daughter will want to learn eventually. My son has no interest at all, but I still have hope for her.

  4. Very impressive pinafore and those skirts are a real delight. Its lovely to share with your daughters, I still love to craft with them even though they are all grown up. Treasure the special times, they grow up so quickly.

  5. Hooray for you and your girls, Jo! May you enjoy many more creative times together xx

  6. How beautiful are those skirts!!! Just too cute for words! You are such an awesome mom to teach them what you do! Sending you a big high five over the computer friend! Happy week to you!!! Nicole xoxo

  7. All three makes are so great!!! You all had a great sewing start to the year - especially you! xx

  8. I love that red fabric, fabulous makes x

  9. It's always good to get back to work for a rest!! I love that pinafore; really wearable. Your girls are doing very well with their sewing. Of course, I learnt to sew on a sewing machine when I was still in primary school. I don't think they teach these skills nowadays in primary school, do they?

    1. I was a primary school teacher up until about 18 months ago and our children went for workshops at the local secondary school but only because the textile teacher there was super enthusiastic. I think there might be some health and safety gripes with Primary school sewing machines!! Jo x

  10. Oh the little pinafore dress is gorgeous! Very pretty little skirts too. Bee xx

  11. It does look like the picture! You have nicer buttons though... Oh I love the fabric, I can't quite believe you've had it since the 90s though haha

    The girls have done really well with their dresses, and we have (almost) the same shoes :) x