Monday, 30 June 2014

Where has all the crochet gone?

I have been a little bit in love with the speediness of sewing recently and with our allotment and evening commitments I can't always get so much crochet done as I would like. I feel a bit guilty crocheting when it is so nice outside. Anyway...

My third Elise shawl is finished. I have really enjoyed the pace of this shawl this time round as it has been my portable project. My dressmakers form, Clara, is on loan at RAF Cosford this week wearing a first world war nurse outfit so you will have to do with me this time.

I have been taking it to ballet on Saturday mornings, to hospital while I wait for my dad to have his treatment, lounging at the cabin, with my friends at knit and natter in the pub, on the train to Minerva and in car parks to relax me when I get to job interviews and I get there 10 minutes too soon. I have been doing it in the evening when I sit in the bedroom chair watching the girls drift off to sleep - you name the place; it has been scrunched up in my handbag.

The yarn? It is really weird isn't it? I've no idea what it is. It is pretty old I would say, no smell but gifted to me in an odds and ends bag. It is actually rolled onto toilet rolls. The yarn is at least lace weight but between every slub it goes to nearly the thickness of sewing thread.

If you have never come across a beading needle: get some. I used to use all sorts of swear words trying to get beads onto my crochet thread but these flexible eye needles are the best.

Other crochet news. My beginner group made these fingerless gloves last week. They managed one in the lesson so the challenge was to make another one, the same, at home! This week we are going to embellish them. I have added a double crochet finger edge and a wrist ruffle. (I did make two obviously but it is hard to photograph your own hands!)

My summer throw over is moving along but could turn into an Autumn cover up. I have ran out of yarn...again. The yardage on the balls is pretty scant. The photograph shows it all snuggled up in my basket with my long awaited purchase, a 'bex' knitting needle box which I have been after for so long. What a treat!

So happy crochet is what I say, whatever the weather. 
Jo xxxxxxx


  1. Hi Jo, that is a very pretty shawl. It is great to have a portable project.

  2. Your shawl is lovely, and a great use of the yarn too! Just the right sort of yarn for a shawl and the right sort of shawl for the yarn. I hope that your job interviews go well, and that Clara enjoys herself! xx

  3. Another lovely shawl Jo, and it's certainly been in a great variety of places whilst in the making - and your fingerless glove is very sweet too. Aren't your students making good progress, I bet they're all chuffed with themselves and you! Love, Joyxo

  4. Have shawl will travel then in your household. It looks lovely. Not seen one of these knitting needle boxes before. I have a needle wrap with all mine in which fits nicely into my big knitting bag. Like most of us I have several different bags and baskets with WIP's in side.

  5. Gorgeous! I really must crochet a shawl. I've crocheted a lacy scarf but have been admiring all the crochet shawls around.

  6. I really love your shawl. I'd like to make one of those myself. I love that your dummy is off modeling somewhere, what a well-traveled dummy. :)

  7. The shawl is very pretty, I bought some beading needles a few weeks back and they are fab.
    Clare x

  8. It looks great Jo - all those stolen moments along the way add up don't they? I'm trying a similar approach with sewing all those beads back onto the dress I've altered. It's sooo time consuming (and dare I say it, tedious)!!

  9. It looks great Jo - all those stolen moments add up though don't they :-). I'm trying to adopt a similar approach with sewing all those beads onto the dress I've altered. It's soooo time consuming and dare I say it tedious!

  10. Such a pretty shawl! I'm fascinated by the yarn, too. Fun seeing all the crochet love at your place! Chrissie x

  11. Love that shawl friend! It is beautiful and I really like that yarn! I like hearing where people create as I have been feeling a bit all over the place lately with trying to squeeze it in! Now I think you will be proud of me...I stopped knitting because it wasn't moving along for me with the beans.....BUT I have been teaching myself crochet at night and I actually think that I have the basic hang of it! Ha! We shall see! Happy week to you friend! Nicole xo

    1. Would love to see some...Jo x

  12. I love that shawl. Each one you've made looks totally different from the one before, just by being a different colour. Days and days go by here when there is no time to crochet, or do anything crafty. Modern life is busy! You're good at fitting it around your other commitments. I hope your Dad is ok. x

  13. Gorgeous shawl. I know what you mean about wanting to crochet less in the warm weather.
    Marianne x

  14. Love your latest Elise Shawl, I think you knew I would as that pattern is a fav with me. I have not been knitting, rather cleaning up and sorting out things, it feels good to let things go, but I need to get back to my hook and needles.
    Hugs to you,

  15. A beautiful shawl Jo :-)
    Tracey xxx