Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Round the world blog hop.

I have been invited to join in with The Round the World Blog Hop by Gilly from Gilly Makes. Go and look at the stunning array of WIP's she has on the go at the moment, amazing. I have a few questions to answer and then I will pass the baton on to three more inspirational blogs from around the world whilst simultanelously showing you what we got up to on Tuesday...

What am I working on?

I have been trying to really hone my dressmaking skills this year so I have churned out quite a few clothes for all of the family just lately. I have really got to grips with vintage patterns and quite a few key techniques. Collars, zips, facings, plackets and generally doing things properly because I am a bit of a bodger!

I always have a knit and crochet project on the go so my needles and hook are never empty - if they were I would do a WOW blog post about it because it would be very unusual. Currently I have an Elise Shawl and summer throw over top for crochet and the Miette cardigan for knitting but that is hibernating at the moment.

How does my work differ from others in this genre?

My work differs in that it is always a complete surprise what I make, sometimes even to myself. So when you come here, you have no idea what you might see. I don't have a style or colour range - I simply love to make things. A large strand of what I do that I think is different to many other bloggers is that I tend to make things out of given, donated, thrifted, deconstructed materials. I rarely buy or choose materials, which is why I don't have a style. I don't like to lead a consumer lifestyle so I really enjoy making things we need from things others don't.

Why do I create what I do?

If we need something, I ask myself Can I make it? and What materials have I already got? If I can't then we have to succumb to buying things but sometimes that means buying the materials to still make it. I was so excited to be asked to blog for Minerva because it channels a whole new side of my crafting when I can choose new materials.

How does my creating process work?

I used to think everyone had a pile of old wool under the sofa and fabric in a drawer under the bed, then I realised that only some people do and that is when I started blogging so that I could get ideas from like minded people and share mine with others. I really do just love to make something, it makes me feel alive. It also satisfies my craving for learning something new, I love learning new things. (That's teachers for you!)

So there we are I really do make something everyday - it might be three rows of knitting, a granny square towards a blanket, jam, an elasticated skirt for my girls, a cake, a birthday card, scrapbook page, veg gardening work but it is a wasted day for me when I can't point to what I have made!

Point everyone!!!

Why not Blog Hop now?

Please pop over to the southern Hemisphere to see one of my favourite blogs Handmade by Carolyn from Perth Australia. She has been the inspiration to my increased interest in making my own clothes. Such wisdom and style. A real 'maker' using bought, thrifted and sometimes hand printed fabric.

Now back across the other side of the world to the US for my favourite blog read - Cozy Things I enjoy every word of Kristen's blog, laughing at the stories, the writing style, the thrifted makes, the failures and the triumphs in her crafting. I love it.

Back to the UK now, do stop by at Lazy Daisy Jones I like this blog because a bit like mine, I never know what is going to be posted so it always feels like a surprise - could be recycling, sewing, crochet or collectable finds. 

Bon Voyage. Jo xxxxxx


  1. What a great read, Jo. I was wondering if you'd gotten my email, I'd invited you to do the hop myself last week. No worries if you didn't get it. I'm glad you joined, I always enjoy your perspective. :)

  2. It is great to read a bit more about how you work and what you produce Jo, I love that you make things from what you have or what you find, and turn them into other things, you really are so very creative! xx

  3. Great post Jo, and thank you for sharing and explaining more about yourself and your approach to 'makings'. You're always most interesting as well as inspiring! xoJoy

  4. Lovely to read about the way you work Jo and how you really prioritise your making into your day. It's great for your girls to be growing up with such wonderful creative approaches to life and I especially love upcycling from vintage materials as well. We must be very like-minded (I'm a teacher too!) always something new to learn and taking inspiration from people like you is great. I've discovered Daisy's wonderful blog and will be popping over to your other recommendations. Alison xx

  5. Fab post, Jo - thanks for joining in, and thanks for the constant inspiration too!
    Popping over to follow your links now,

  6. Jo thank you for including me.
    You have so much energy and lovely strawberry pics.
    I too try to use up my stash first..
    bestest Daisy.
    Ps does this mean I do a blog hop post?

    1. Yes please, we would all love to hear your answers to the same question and hop us all over the world. Love Jo x

  7. Hi Jo. This is an inspiring read, I really enjoyed it. I like your philosophy of "can I make it?" and then you make it. I love to make things and make something everyday, just like you. I did almost the same blog hop last week, funny enough the questions were the same but related to writing! I wonder if these blog hops are a little like Chinese whispers? It is fun to participate. Enjoy the rest of your week. Christina x

  8. That was a great read, I really enjoyed getting to know a bit more about you're craft inspriration
    Clare x

  9. I too really enjoyed this post and further insight into why and how you go about making what you make, Jo! You continue to inspire me :) xx

  10. Thank you Jo, this is such an interesting read and it's great to learn a little more about you :-)
    Tracey xxx

  11. I am so enjoying this blog hop! I agree with your 'make something every day' motto, it really does give me a sense of contented accomplishment and joy! Chrissie x

  12. I really enjoyed this friend! Seeing those little faces in the garden melts my heart! You rock Jo! Nicole xo

  13. Ohh, Jo, it was so very interesting reading about your creative process, and thank you so much for those lovely words for me! You are so kind :)