Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Spring Chicken Tutorial psst... pass it on

Look at these chickens, cool or what? I sent them as my gift in the brooch swap but now I want to make one for myself and thought maybe you might like to too.

I can not take credit for the kilt pin concept, I saw it on pinterest, but I have written out a crochet version of this fantastic chicken idea. I wanted an easy crochet version as the one I saw was in knitted moss stitch.

This tutorial is for intermediates as it is a bit fiddly and you need to know how to twiddle your fingers a little. It is written using UK crochet terms.

You will need:

2.5 mm hook, ribbon for a bow, 4 ply cotton yarn, a kilt pin, and a small fluffy chicken to chop up!

Starting at the closure end, double crochet 15 - 20 stitches onto the stem to end at the hinge.

Foundation Row: Next chain 19 and ss join into the end of the Kilt pin dc.

Row 1: dc18 in each chain to end. ch1 and turn

Row 2: ss into the first 2 sts, dc into 12 sts, ss into next 2 sts, ch1 and turn.

Row 3: ss into 3 sts, dc into 10 sts, ss in next st, ch and turn.

Row 4: ss in 1 st *2dc in the next st, 1dc in the next* do this 4 times, ss in next 3 sts, turn (without a turning ch)

Row 5: ss in the first 3 sts, dc in next 2 sts, 1htr, 2tr in the next st, 3dtr in the next st, 2tr in the next st, 1htr, dc in the next 2 sts, ss6, Turn (without a turning chain)

Row 6: 9dc, 2dc in the next st, 2 in the next,8dc, ss and fasten off

Good stuff, the hard bit is done, now you need to make another one on it's own. Following the same pattern from foundation row to row 6.

Time to start construction. Sew them together adding some toy stuffing or yarn bits depending on how chunky you want it. This pattern works either with the blunt end for a head which makes a hen or with the thin end as the head for more of a cockerel shape. 

I didn't photograph it but you need to chop the legs off a fluffy chick and ensure you sew these into the base as you stuff your chicken.

To make a beak, sew a loop into the head, then work a hand-stitched button clasp stitch all the way around and pull it together at the beak end. You could add a felt beak, or whatever you are good at.

You can make a french knot eye or use a button or a bead. I like to just use up all the bits I already have.

Then just let you imagination run wild from your sewing basket. 

I hope some people give it a go, it looks great on a bag or as an unusual coat pin. You can always make the chicken and sew a normal brooch pin on if the kilt pin is a bit scary - but I love it this way. I need to make one for myself now, you know what they say, plumbers always have leaky pipes!

Thanks for stopping by. Jo xxxx

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  1. Lovely little chickens, and the pin idea is brill! Cx

  2. My cockerel is well settled in here Jo ... I love him ... you are most clever ... your brooch is winging it's way to you ... not as impressive as yours but I hope you like it ... Bee xx

    1. Glad you like it, mine looks better as a bag brooch. I am sure I will love it, don't be so modest. Jo x

  3. You made that look very easy, I can not imainge I would be able to figure that out. I love it.

  4. You are so clever working that little lot out Jo, and it's so cute! Well done! And thanks for going to so much trouble for sharing the 'how to'! Joy x
    PS Good luck with your entry too! x

  5. Those are the cutest darn things ever! How cute are they!!! A job well done Jo! I hope that your week is going great!! Nicole xoxo

  6. Very cute chickens, Jo! I love them. I have a special place in my heart for chickens these days anyway but your little guys are really adorable. Thank you for sharing the pattern and good luck!

  7. Jo, I hope you earn an award! You have with me :) Thanks for the how to and generously sharing it with us. I was reared on a poultry farm, and have a fondness for toy chickens although am a bit scared of real ones. I hope I can make a little flock of your chickens someday.

  8. Lovely wee chicken! I think the kilt pin looks great, a bit different. Thank you for sharing.
    Marianne x

  9. That is so lovely and the kilt pin is inspired!! Good luck with the Blog award. Sarah xo

  10. Hello my lovely Friend Jo - it has been a little while since I caught up with you and will be catching up with your other posts this week. I love this little sweetie, how nice of you to give us a clear tutorial, always love these. Good luck with your award Jo, you really deserve this so keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you dear. Thank you for your lovely comments, they meant a lot to me at this time Jo. Sending you all my loves and hugs

  11. What a wonderful idea, thanks for sharing, Sam xxx

  12. The green you used is a wonderful colour, thank you for sharing your very creative project!

  13. Thank you I've made a start on it :-)