Monday, 3 March 2014

Something old and something new.

Something old? my second quilt, this time for Big Sis, is well underway, I was savvy enough to have cut out the fabric for both quilts at the same time so that a) I didn't loose the will to cut out a second one and b)I had the same spread of fabrics amongst them both.

I love looking at these old fabric swatches, bits from summer dresses, pyjamas, craft projects and I have to admit, that lovely greeny blue one is new. Shhh! don't tell anyone but I bought one fat quarter to make up the shortfall on quilt number two.

Something new? a bit of knitting, I haven't knitted for ages....

A pattern you really have to keep your eye on though.

It is a new school cardigan for Little M, she is so small and I know that come September I will never find a cardigan big  small enough for her. My mum has made one in patons smoothie and I am trying this yarn for the first time.It is not as red as the first photo to be honest, more like the second photo!

It is a new book. It was in a sale and I snapped it up as I have had my other Sirdar pattern books for so long and we have pretty much knit all the ones we wanted from them when they were little right through to to now. They always have great modern designs.

I have two crochet groups on the go at the moment. A new one on a Monday and my old faithful crew on a Tuesday. The newbies are in week two, doing well and they can all chain and double crochet so they made one of these - it was a great lesson in individual tension. Some went round the mugs and some didn't!

Are you doing something old or new this week?

Jo x


  1. Lovely quilt in the making Jo! I love the fact you are using swatches from old clothes and such. That is a great idea. My daughter has a basket full of old clothes she can't wear anymore I and I was thinking about donating them but now after seeing yours.....I will make a quilt out of them.
    Your knitting is looking really pretty. Love the design in the pattern.
    This past weekend, I have been working on a new pattern for some crochet bunnies. Hopefully before the week is up I can show them off on my blog.
    xx Shari

  2. I love the recycling of old things to make new, that quilt is looking gorgeous. Love the colour of that yarn and that pattern is stunning.

  3. Lovely post as usual Jo and really interested in your crochet group. My first one starts on Thursday evening. Can I pick your brains, how many do you have in a beginners group and do you hire a room or run them from home. Hope you don't mind me asking x

  4. OH lovely new quilt coming up and I'm looking forward to seeing it - mind that red wine now, haha! Little M will be looking forward to her lovely new cardigan in that gorgeous red so I expect she will be prompting you on a regular basis, as kids do! Great mug cosy Jo, your class students must be so excited about their crochet - you're obviously doing a great job with them, well done! Joy x

  5. The quilt looks lovely, love that strawberry fabric. The cardi looks so sweet, I'm using red heart yarn at the moment making some yarn bombing bit for the Woollen Woods in cumbria. have a great week
    Clare xx

  6. I think your quilt number 2 is going to be fresh and fabulous, especially if it has memories made fabrics in it x I am impressed with your knitting and look forward to seeing the finished cardigan. If you don't mind me asking where did you buy the red heart yarn from? I know it's from the US and I have always wanted to give it a try? Enjoy the rest of ŷour week xox

  7. Hello Lovely Jo, fab post as always. You always make such fantastic things Jo and I always wish I could come to your crochet classes, know they would be good fun with you. I bought a cloth kits dress in the sale at Hobbycraft so have cut out two from the pattern and made up one. There was loads of fabric over so making a little bag to go with it - still have the clothkits dress to make up now - each time I see a quilt I keep thinking about the one I am going to to do list grows every day, unfortunately my time doesn't. Have a wonderful day tomorrow Jo, sending you lots of love

  8. Oh i do wish I could be in your group! It would be so fun to learn how to crochet from you!! And my goodness do I hope that one day I can make a quilt for my beans out of their old dresses, t-shirts, and baby sleepers! That is my goal and you have inspired me with your quilt! Hope you are well pal! Nicole xoxo

  9. Your next quilt is going to be a beauty too. I really like the look of the knitting so far, bright red is always lovely in a sweater.

  10. Your quilt is looking so pretty and I love that you're using bits of fabric from here and there. It makes it all that much more special! That's going to be a beautiful little sweater! xo

  11. A mug hug is such a wonderful project to teach tension - a very clever idea! It's so nice to know others are enjoying classes out there - wish we could meet up to chat teaching and projects! Chrissie x ps that quilt is going to be such a treasure!

  12. Great idea cutting out both together, your sister will be thrilled when it's finished :-)

    I didn't know you had crochet groups, the little mug cosie is really cute so well done to whoever made it (or was it you?)

    Now that I've moved I keep thinking I should find a local knitting group myself

  13. Three great projects! I have got to take a day and cut out all the squares for a patchwork quilt! Thanks for your good example, Jo! xx