Monday, 24 February 2014

Name Plate Number Two.

Linking up with Stitching Sundays with Chrissie (a bit late) but here is my name plate for my other daughter's quilt which is not made yet but all cut out and ready to go. All tacked and ready to go.

Another coincidence of Chrissie and I is that we have both used variegated colour run thread this week. I have never used it before but it looked really pretty.

I have hand quilted Little M's quilt but encountered a disaster, I spilled a whole glass of red wine on it as it was all laid out on my lap during hand I threaded a new needle, looked away to chat to bloke for a second and as I pulled through the long thread I knocked the glass BAM!!

I washed it on 30 degrees even though it was only a quarter quilted but it didn't all come out. I might try washing it a bit hotter now that it is finished and shrinkage would be evenly distributed. So here is an artistic photo with it all rolled up because I don't want to traumatise anyone with a full frontal quilt photo with faded red wine stain included.

Never mind, she really doesn't care - I made it for her, that's what it is all about isn't it?

Thanks to all who have joined in with the brooch swap, I will pair up in a few days so there is still time for anyone out there to join in.

Jo xxx


  1. Dear Jo
    The name plate is really pretty. Sorry to hear about the red wine debacle, but I'm sure it will come out in the end. Congratulations on a lovely project.
    Best wishes

  2. Love the name plate, its such a wonderful idea and really pretty. My theory when making a quilt is that its stitched with love, so don't beat yourself up about the wine it will fade with time.

  3. Lovely stitching! Sorry about the spill, hopefully it will fade - I swear by Vanish Oxy, it is like stain sorcery...Chrissie x

    1. My neighbour has given me some today so I am going to give it a shot. Jo x

  4. The nameplate looks beautiful. I agree with oxygen bleach, it should do the trick.

  5. Your new name plate is so very pretty. I hope that you can get the stain out of the quilt, although as your daughter said, you made it for her and that is the most important thing of all - and as she uses it over the years it will gather it's own war wounds, so this is just another love mark that it will bear. I haven't joined the brooch swap, but I meant to - is it too late? If not, please can you throw my name in the hat. Thanks. xx

  6. The name plate is beautiful Jo but I'm so sorry to hear about the red wine - accidents happen - hopefully the stain will come out with the new treatment! Joy x

  7. The name plate is so pretty! your embroidery skills are fabulous. Don't worry about the stain, the first one is always the hardest. The fabrics you chose are just beautiful :)

  8. My daughter's name is Heidi. So sad about the wine but I bet it will come out little by little as it's washed.

  9. Love that name plate! Goodness is that just so beautiful! And poop on that wine! I have been known to do that too! Either way that quilt is absolutely stunning! A job well done friend and a wonderful week to you!!! Nicole xoxo

  10. Hello Lovely Jo just catching up with everyone before setting off for a conference. The colours and patterns on your quilts of your quilts are gorgeous Jo and I adore your stitching, you are so clever and talented. Each quilt I see makes me more determined to make one, even if it is only a doll's quilt. Have a wonderful day Jo, sending you lots of loves and hugs

  11. gorgeous label, do you stitch that on after quilting? so sorry to hear about the red wine problem! I know it's a bit late now, but at Christmas my husband spilt a glass of red wine on my mum's hand embroidered table cloth. We put white wine on it, then a big heap of salt and left it for several hours. She then put some Vanish on it and washed it in the machine and it all came out. Vanish could be the key here?

  12. Oh no, that is my WORST fear. I split tea over a white scarf I was crocheting once but thankfully only a few drops and it came out fairly easily. Stain aside, it's all looking very beautiful and I like your hand stitching very much. x

  13. I totally love your attitude to the spillage :-) I would probably be kicking myself but that's not really very helpful and you're right she'll love it no matter what. I should definitely learn to stress a little less ;-)

    The quilt is looking lovely though, hope we get to see a pic soon x