Thursday, 20 February 2014

Hooray! Triangle scarf

This scarf started life a long time ago. It was from a pattern in Molly Makes issue 25, I am not as wealthy as to have bought the magazine that month, a mum at school ripped it out and said she saw it and thought of me - so that is my only reference I am afraid. I posted about it last March!

The pink and blue wool is something lovely and expensive, I think it is Debbie Bliss cashmerino but I was given two balls of it in a bag of all sorts. The honey colour is some sort of crepe wool. What a mash up!


It really needed blocking and was much better for it.

I am still a bit transfixed with my new pom pom maker.

YAY! it was sunny yesterday.

Unusual but nice I think, just toying with the idea of buying one more ball to make a border to straighten the whole thing up a bit.

It is still a work in progress really but with sunshine like that, I just had to take some photos. I am off to take a look at the other CAL projects with Marianne and Chrissie today.

Jo xxx


  1. A really unusual and pretty scarf Jo, lovely colours. Thank you for linking up!
    Marianne x

  2. Well all I can say is 'the mashup' is really working well Jo - it's lovely! Joy x

  3. It's so pretty Jo! Love the pom-poms!
    xx Shari

  4. That is just lovely and those pom pom makers are really addictive!

  5. It's lovely Jo, I really like your colour combination and the fact that it is something a little bit different from the standard scarf. xx

  6. It's fantastic, Jo. I love the way the honey color sort of tempers the pink and blue, making it look sophisticated instead of babyish. The pompoms are a perfect touch!

  7. I love the colours and those pom poms are divine. I love that it is different from the run of the mill scarf.

  8. I like your colours Jo, they look really good together, and the large pom poms really add a bit of punch to your scarf! Its good to see some triangles too for a change!
    Gill xx

  9. That is a beautiful scarf - I love the unusual colour combination, and of course the pom poms make it magical... ;-) I'm not sure it needs a border - I'd test one out with some neutral yarn you already have before you go buying anything - I actually really love the triangle shapes and the angles they create with the scarf. A border might detract from them if it's too fussy...or just add tiny pom poms all the way around! Cxxx

    1. I have worn it today and you are spot on, it looks fine without a border, the edges are a bit lacy anyway, with a denim jacket it looked good. Not sure what else I have in my wardrobe to go with it??! Jo x

  10. It's a different and beautiful scarf, love the colour combination ;)

    Lluisa x

  11. Jo, it's fab, love the colours and the pom-pom finishes it off a treat.
    S xx

  12. Lovely scarf Jo ... the colours are very pretty ... Bee xx

  13. Just beautiful Jo! WOW!!! I love how it lays and the colors are spectacular!!! A lovely weekend to you!!! Nicole xoxo

  14. I love it Jo, very pretty colors and shape. Hugs,

  15. Oh don't get me started on pompoms I am totally addicted to my maker .If I could I add a row of pompom s to my underwear haha. I love the shape of the motifs great colours