Sunday, 9 February 2014

Bit of this and that

I know my tag line is that I make something everyday but it doesn't mean I finish something everyday! - I have started quite a few projects this last week, worked on some larger things and joyfully finished others.

I started this, my second Elise Shawl:

From this I found behind the sofa on a machine spool and rewound into manageable cakes.

Then while I was behind there I found these I started ages ago to make a scarf, might do some more because I love the colours:

I bought these for £1 a packet, no idea what for!:

I started this infinity scarf and have vowed to write down the pattern, thanks for all the lovely comments:

I finished this scrapbook page from last summer which has been on my desk for over a week, oh I am dreaming of the sunshine:

I have done a few more hour long sessions on my evening jacket and am enjoying the process rather than rushing:

Machined some of my quilt pieces together, very satisfying to use up stash from what I already have:

So there you are, very productive but nothing quite as yet to show which is finished. I love having lots of things on the go but I also like the thrill of finishing projects too.

What are you about to/ really want to/ wish you had time to finish? Jo x


  1. What a beautiful evening jacket, I love the style and colour. The fabric buttons are delightful. I would like to start scrapbooks to record visits/holidays/days out with my grand children, but for some reason I never seem to get round to it.

  2. Wonderful, I'm so impressed, you're so industrious!

  3. I love your wide range of projects so many talents. I think I've got a surprise for your little ones I've just done my give away draw and you have won my two little hedge hogs. I haven't posted the results yet as I've been busy preparing and then helping at my grandsons birthday party. But would be great if you could email me your home address and I can get them in the post Sue x

    1. OOOH so excited, I am running to tell them now - they are in the bath! Jo x

  4. I think it is great to have lots on the go as each piece meets a different need - to create, to relax, to experiment or just for a bit of instant gratification.

    I love the evening jacket.

  5. Gosh, I wish I had those pretty yarns behind my sofa, all that's lurking there are some scared dust bunnies... ;-) That jacket is going to be a stunner! And your crochet projects are all so yummy, love the colours! Chrissie x

  6. You never said that you finish something every day, just that you make something every day, and it looks as though you have just been busy making lots of lovely things!! They will come finished in their own good times when they are ready to be done with. Your jacket is looking lovely, and will be great to wear I am sure!! xx

  7. I'm going to look behind my sofa the next time I need some lovely wool! I'll probably just find my daughter's yucky chewing gum.

  8. Great progress, Jo! At the moment I am still focusing on knitting my Merino blanket which is not very exciting in color or design, but it is so pleasing to knit...and it is big enough to start keeping me warm! Woohoo :) xx

  9. Jo, you are making so much progress, the coat is looking amazing. I am in a bit of a crafting slump right now, can't seem to find the time to pick up my hook. I must get better at it.

  10. Oh Jo, behind your sofa is a very special place, who knows what else you may find yet . . . . . your Elise shawl will be gorgeous, the colour is wonderful, and your evening jacket is going to be a stunner methinks! I can hardly wait to see your progress with your quilt - exciting stuff! Hugs, Joy xo

  11. The yarn you're using for your Elise is beautiful. I love that shawl can never make it enough :) All your WIPs are looking wonderful xx

  12. Lovely Jo like you I have half a dozen things on the go at once and am hoping to have some space soon to catch up with everything. Love all your projects Jo, I marvel at your productivity and energy. Your blog is always a delight to read and always inspiring. Thank you
    Lots of love

  13. WIPs are the story of my life, but you have so many and they're all looking amazing! I'm speechless over your coat right now, it's bloody brilliant :-D The fabric buttons will definitely find their place, if nothing else they're quite lovely to look at :-)

    I have a knitted owl toy which has been sitting in a basket for months now. As soon as my baby stripe blanket it done, and a viking hat for a friend (hahaha) I'd like to carry on! x