Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Kitchenette clean up.

Hot off the back of yesterdays news, I bought a 1950's kitchenette off ebay on Saturday for the cabin. It was £40 and I reckoned I couldn't get a cupboard from IKEA for that with as much shelf room. We went to Wrexham to pick it up. We had a swim with the girls at Plas Madoc swimming pool - the squealing at the wave machine was such a pleasure.

It was not such a pleasure to try and squeeze a cupboard into the car with two small girls, car seats and swimming bags with the boot tied down with a piece of string. Little M was frozen by the time we got home an hour later. Anyway, less of the sob story, I am guessing you want to see it?

The drop down door was missing so she had covered it with a tea towel but it was already painted red and white, it was just a bit scruffy. The original glass was in the doors but just needs a bit of securing. So not bad all in all.

Little M and I went to get supplies today. Woodworm spray, paint (on the damaged shelf - £3) and a very super new brush, which cost more than the paint! I sawed off some of the legs because they were a bit uneven and it was wobbling.

And off she went...

Now I know all you vintage lovers might swoon at the original vinyl but I want to cut a salad and make a sandwich on there so it had to come off - it had a sort of smell - woodbines and colmans mustard I would say.

Very pretty though - enjoy the photo because I have ripped if off and replaced it.

oh cripes,the afternoon is ticking away, the kitchen is a bomb site, my helper has absconded to children's TV, Big Sis comes home in an hour ready for swimming lessons and I need to get a grip on the domestic situation.

Normal service has been resumed and there is a shepherds pie in the oven. 10 mins to blog I think... Phew!


I reached 100 followers today and I am absolutely delighted. Thank you all for your continued support in the crafting world. I took all the commenters and new followers from the last two posts and drew a winner for the valentines card... 

It was Ginx Craft. A new blogger to me who I found through Chrissie. Go and check out her amazing knitting creations. 
I love the shell best. 

What a day:) Jo xxx


  1. Great bargain, well done you, it's fab! Congrats on your 101 followers too. Popping over to have a wee peek at Ginx Craft now ...
    Have a lovely evening & enjoy the shepherds pie!

  2. What a terrific bargain, and already dolled up in pretty happy colours! You must be over the moon! Can't wait to see it in its final spot...and pretty kitchen btw ;-) Chrissie x

  3. A lovely bargain Jo and I wish you had told me as I could have met you for a coffee - your cabinet will be amazing, I am nearing the end of having mine finished and will show you once it is ready, you enjoy, it is a lot of hard work but worth it in the end. A fab post Jo, big hugs to you

  4. £40? £40?! Cough. £40!!!!!!! Absolute bargain! I know what you mean about the Woodbines/Colman's smell though - lovely to look at but not to taste! Well done to your little helper as well - looks like she has done a sterling job! Jane x (£40!!!!!!)

  5. One person's junk is definitely another person's treasure. These cupboards hold a lot. There was one in my childhood home and it is still there now being used.......that one is red and white too.

  6. That is a really cool cupboard. It's going to be perfect in the cabin! So excited for all of you!

  7. I'm swooning a bit it's fab and wow what a bargain, enjoy it
    Clare xx

  8. Great cupboard! It looks perfect in your kitchen, we had Sheppard's pie last night , yum!

  9. It's lovely, what a great find. It'll be perfect for the cabin.

  10. Ooo you've been around my neck of the woods! what a bargain! I love the make over it looks great x

  11. I am even more jealous now! I am always looking at these on ebay but never see any near Leeds. I want one I can completely refurbish but, the trouble i, our house is already jammed full of furniture. Yours is lovely, it will be a great addition to your cabin. x

  12. Beautiful Jo! I love your dresser, red and white looks great, there are some treasures on ebay if you are patient. Have a great day, Julie xx

  13. I am thrilled to have won your beautiful card.

    1. You are very welcome, your name came out of my ice cream container of foldy paper bits! Hope you have sent me your address via the email I left you on your last post so that I can wing it over toyou before valentines day. Jo x

  14. I think that you got a great deal there Jo! I would have had the vintage shelf liner out too!! You will certainly be able to store lots in there. A great purchase I assume for "the shed"? Lots of fun. xx

  15. Jo that cupboard is such a great piece for your kitchen! I just love everything about it...I can only imagine the trip home with it! I have been there myself but phew...it is where it belongs!!!! I can not wait to see more lady...happy week to ya!! Nicole xoxo

  16. What a nice cupboard and you did a great job remodeling it :) it looks great.

  17. Well done on all fronts, Jo! Happy 102 followers, the love card is...well, a lovely giveaway :) ; your vacation cabin is charming; and your new cupboard is both stylish and practical. I can imagine you and your family having wonderful times visiting your dad on the farm. xx

  18. That is wonderful, what a find. Shame that the pull down flap is missing, we used to cut our bread on there when I was a child. But we must have been posh as we had a bread board to cut on ;0)

  19. Hahaha, bye bye stinky vinyl! What a bargain find, I've never thought to look for 'vintage' Ikea stuff but that's one cool item

  20. How lovely - well done you for picking up such a bargain. I'm with you on taking out the vinyl - there is no point in it being original if it means you can't use it!
    Best wishes
    PS Lovely crochet too!

  21. Love this piece of furniture and I can just imagine how epic it must have been to collect with two small children. I love what you have done to it. Well done on reaching 100 readers xoxo

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