Monday, 27 January 2014

Family news for 2014

Family News 2014? So have you been wondering what it might be? Well we have spent my car fund on a wooden cabin/chalet/shed to put up at my dads farm so that we can mess around up there when we want. It is beyond exciting for all of us. That is why Bloke bought me this book for my birthday.

For those who weren't checking in here last summer, we had a trailer tent at my dads (now, not working) farm and when the weather was OK we went up and lit a fire, messed around etc. They were real family adventures full of walks, marshmallows, pond dipping, motorbike riding and being out under the stars. We went in high summer a few times when it was all lush and green. Then later we went in the early Autumn foraging.

Now, I am not talking garden shed. We went all out and bought one 20 x 16 ft. Big enough for bunk beds, kitchen bit and lots of room for blankets, cushions and all sorts of other stuff. The cabin will be out of sight in a nice private place, not spoiling the view.

Artists impression - ours will be in an overgrown field
My dad is really pleased too because he plans to build a house there soon when he is better so when he lives there we can go and see him at weekends. He bought us a stove to put in it last week. EEEK! I am just beyond grateful.

We are not going to be particularly 'shed chic' (I can't, I am penniless now) but in my usual guise of making new things from old things we will get by and you can come along the making journey too cabin friends - your ideas are always welcome. What do you think?

So stay tuned, it was delivered in a big wooden pile last week so we need to make some more plans. Jo xxxxx

A massive thank you to all who joined this humble blog over the last few days, I totally appreciate it. I have visited lots of new places myself too. When I get to 100, I will do a draw for the card - only 2 more to go....


  1. How exciting Jo!!! I am sure that you will have such fun searching for things for your new special place as well as all the things that you will make as well. You will have the chicest shed around!! I look forward to reading all about your shed adventures. xx

  2. How wonderful and you will have so much fun getting making all those little finishing touches to your 'shed'. Can t wait to watch the progress over the coming months. Deb x

  3. What a wonderful thing to do Jo - this is absolutely 'tops' in my book!!! Enjoy the process and I'll be looking forward to hearing more - what a wonderful family adventure! Hugs, Joy xo

  4. That is fabulous news. How exciting for your family Jo.

  5. How fantastic! I know you will make many happy memories there, it does sound blissful. The simple things are truly the best.

  6. Well that sure is exciting! I love the little cabin, you are going to have so much fun.

  7. How fantastic is that! I bet you can't wait to get cracking turning it into a lovely holiday home, hope it's close enough for you to access frequently - it'll be wonderful for the children too. Liz x
    PS I've got my pattern for the giletnow and ordered some lovely wool at a bargain price from the Black Sheep Craft Barn - thanks.

    1. Good stuff, black sheep are great. We are only 20 mins away but feels like miles Howzat!

  8. What exciting news! I can't wait to see this project develop! Your dad will love having you all there, having fun and making memories...and honestly, I can't imagine you doing anything other than making beautiful things to decorate it. It just wouldn't feel right going out and spending lots of money on cushions and pretty things when you make them with such love and fun! Chrissie x

  9. Such amazing news I'm sure you will have great fun with your girls x

  10. AH friend!!! This is just flipping awesome!! What I would do to have a space on land like that to rump around!!!! It is going to be awesome for you and the kids! My goodness I can not wait to see how this project unfolds! And heck money shmoney....the memories that will be made here are worth more than gold!!!! Good for you and the family!! Love it!!! Nicole xoxoxoxoxo

  11. Wow Jo this will be so fabulous and it couldn't happen to a nicer person, let's give a cheer for Dad and Hubby.
    Big hugs

  12. What fantastic news! You will all have so much fun there. I know you will enjoy decorating your cabin too and will have it lovely.
    Marianne x

  13. What a lucky girl you are :0) I dream of having a shed.
    Hugs x

  14. OOh, how exciting Jo! A new 3 Stories High Summer HQ :-) Have fun planning and decorating and looking forward to your progress reports.

  15. I think you are very lucky indeed and that it's all very exciting. I'd love a shed/cabin like that, with a stove and electric and wifi, of course, just to go and sit in. :-) x

  16. That is so wonderful a little space to be ... Home away from home. I'm sure you will all enjoy your time there :)

  17. Wow this is going to be amazing! It will be nice too when you're dads nearby, definitely the best kind of family holidays & weekends away :-)