Monday, 6 January 2014

A day at home

Big Sis goes back to school today and the lunchbox runs start again. I wonder if her PE pumps still fit? Anyway, Sunday was a quiet day here with home tasks on the agenda.

Bottling our Autumn harvest of blackberry wine then apple wine.

Some girlie Christmas craft gifts to enjoy.

Planted up with mini daffodils.

A little botanical corner has sprung up in our kitchen. The view might cheer up our very soggy hens.

Little M mused 'it is good to get back to normal isn't it?' such wise words from one so young I felt.

Stay warm. Jo x

PS the sweater pattern from my friends Christmas Present is 
Sirdar 9128 and knitted in DK for those who were wondering.


  1. Yum apple wine! Sounds like a very productive day was had!
    Marianne xx

  2. What a lovely family way to spend the day. Your little botanical corner looks lovely and it will be nice to watch the bulbs coming up won't it! xx

  3. ooh - I should think about bottling wine...

  4. Definitely looks like you all had a very happy productive family day at home. Thanks for letting us know about the pattern. Liz x

  5. We've made beer but never wine. I'd love to try that.

  6. Such wise words indeed Jo! WOW! And how fantastic that you all have that sweet garden corner in your kitchen! It is a burst of beautiful color that I am sure your sweeties just love...the blooms are so lovely! And if I lived closer I would so like to sample that wine! That is beyond cool. What a lovely post of home! Cheers! Nic xoxo

  7. I planted wheat grass in two plastic flower pots and put them on the windowsill in my room, but your girls artistry on their little pots is far superior to my blue plastic! Bravo! I would like to try to grow some bulbs inside, too. Your wine sounds like it will be lovely to enjoy during these cold and wet more normal days :) xx

  8. Winemaking! I've never done that but I received a kit as a Christmas gift...oh and you make blackberry and apple? yum!