Sunday, 3 November 2013

CAL stitch directory

I am afraid to say that when I started making these swatches for a gift blanket last week, after about 6 or 7 I had to rip them back because they were not the same size. Random pattern combos yes but a blanket that looks like it might be for the dog basket NO. When I consulted Bloke about the problem he said "well you can't polish a turd!" So that summed it up in one neat phrase I thought.
Sedge Stitch
Seed stitch
So I have made up the other swatches the right size and have a size block to work to so I am back on track now. I am rather in love with that sedge stitch, would make a snuggly cowl.
Off to check out everyone's CAL inspiration and feeling more positive about crafts that go a bit wrong, gosh, just read yesterdays post - I was a bit miserable wasn't I???!! Jo xx


  1. Hi Jo isn't it horrible when this happens - years ago I knitted up loads of swatches thinking that I would make a blanket or cushion cover and like you found that they were not really matching in size - they are still in a plastic bag in my cupboard and I get them out from time to time and then put them back! You are never miserable Jo, you always cheer me up. Big hugs, have a fab day

  2. Both of those patterns are so pretty...and I agree with Dorothy, you're never miserable, and I also love my visits here! xo

  3. I don't think that you were miserable on your previous post, just a little down perhaps that the pattern had been hard work, which is understandable. It is not possible to always be at your jolliest at all times, but you were just fine yesterday, just explaining the difficulties. Anyway, on to your crochet, it is looking great and the idea of making a template so they all come out the same size is a great idea - what a clever thing you are! Hope you have a great week. xx

  4. Both those stitches look gorgeous, I love the idea of a template, perfect xox Penny

  5. Both stitches are beautiful and look full of texture. I wish you lived near me so you could teach me to crochet better - if it ain't a granny square I just can't do it. x

  6. Very interesting post - I never considered the size factor when I was enjoying all your sample blocks before! Well done for not giving up and sorting it out. You are going to have to do a montage of all the blocks soon, I'm anxious to see your progress in one big photo! We live and learn, I can appreciate your frustration in your last post, but it was completely justifiable and not simply 'miserable'! Cx

    1. Thanks C, I am over it now! Photographing them all together is a great idea. Jo x

  7. These are lovely pieces beautifully done Jo and I'm glad you managed to sort out the problems. I must have missed your previous post but have to say I don't believe for an instant that you could be miserable! Love, Joy xo

  8. Both squares look lovely and glad you managed to sort out your other squares. By the way, you never ever ever come across as miserable so please don't worry!
    Marianne x