Thursday, 21 February 2013

Thank you

Made a few thank you cards this morning, which sounds very civilised but I am thanking friends and relatives for presents I received for my birthday on the 19th January, so I feel a bit guilty really.

I have to go the children have gone into full meltdown over a pair of gold ballet shoes from the dressing up box....
Back now - This card design is one I fall back on all the time. Four small squares on a big square with something in the middle. I always use it when I NEED a card quick and don't have lots of time to experiment with layout and all the super creative stuff.

It is made especially quick because when I have got some paper bits left over from scrapbooking. I use a square punch to cut out four squares and I paper clip them together then chuck them in a drawer for when I need them.

What about squares on top of squares which is my other option if my focal point is a bit bigger liked this stamped image of a birdie.

On the thank you theme, a little thank you to everyone who has commented on my new blog so far. I am gradually adding bits every day to the layout (all new to me!) but it is really heartwarming to know someone has read my ramblings.

I am off for some half term kiddie fun today. We are going to Blists Hill for a bygone wander and a visit to the olde sweet shoppe. Ironbridge is less than a mile from us so see you later xx



  1. your cards are just lovely! thank you so much for the little key fob you sent me, it's on my keys now as i really needed a new one! kellyx

  2. Great cards Jo - and fab idea to have the 'ingredients' organised (or in my case it would be stashed somewhere but not sure where!) from your previous project. A square punch sounds cool too - my hand cut sqaures are never quite square...