Saturday, 16 February 2013

Muddy walks

The weather has been lovely here and it has really brought people out. We love going geocaching but have not been lately with it either being wet, snowy or way to muddy for little wellies.

In a nutshell geocaching is when you collect a set of co-ordinates from this website and you use a GPS or your snazzy phone to find a location somewhere in the world. When you get there you will find a box, container or cache and you sign it to say you have been successful in your hunt for treasure! They can be very well hidden but great fun to find.

We found four today, taking us to 194 found since we started 5 years ago but that is pretty slow compared to some hardcore geocachers. We introduced some friends to it today and they found some around their new house. This one was very cleverly hidden inside a log but Big Sis spotted it. It is a great way to motivate the children on a walk, they both walked for over 2 hours today.

We spotted lovely things on the way too... like these:

and this orange peel fungus:
I am a bit obsessed with photographing fungi, in fact I keep a little scrapbook of all the ones I have spotted - I know, I know, we are all different, but more of that madness in the Autumn!
It's a stay at home day tomorrow so maybe sometime for some yarn craft - well that's what I am planning anyway.
Enjoy the weather. Jo xxxxxxxx

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