Thursday, 28 February 2013

Knitting group

I go to a knit and natter group every other Wednesday in a local pub - a drink, great friends, expertise when you need it and crochet and knitting show and tell.

Last night we were full of parenting angst, job cut worries and general woe but after half an hour we all felt much better for each others company. I continued with an ongoing project of flower crochet.

You can get a tutorial here. Aren't they fantastic! Each one is about the size of my hand.

I have no idea what to do with them as I bought some yarn from Ebay and the seller did not mention that the selections she had photographed were different gauges so there is not enough to make a full size blanket. I am thinking maybe a wall hanging from a pole? Any ideas?
Lucy from Attic 24 made here flowers into a rather graceful scarf but mine is a bit chunky.
Thanks for looking and thank you to all who have viewed my blog in it's first three weeks.
Jo xx

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  1. Your flowers are beautiful Jo its great to have an ongoing project you can dip back into. They would make an impressive piece of wall art...or maybe a shawl? I'm sure inspiration for the right use will strike sometime - probably when you least expect it!
    Your knitting group sounds like a great source of friendship and support. Looking forward to seeing more of your flowery creations.