Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Crafting resolutions 2019

I don't often look back, I am a forward looking kinda girl but I did pretty well with my crafting resolutions for 2018. 

I used so many of my sewing machine feet in the little Orla Kiely tin on the shelf. Not all but most - I learnt to use the binding foot to apply bias binding to quilts. I seem to have two zipper feet, I found out that one gets really close and the other doesn't! I used my invisible zipper foot a lot which I hadn't used before. I learnt how to use my piping foot by making cushions. The walking foot was excellent for quilting projects. I can make a button hole first time now without wondering whether it is going to sew the hole off the edge of the fabric and I mastered my rolled hem foot too working with chiffon.

The ruffle foot didn't get an airing, it wasn't needed for anything but one day I will learn how to use that damn thing and I have a decorative flower foot that came with an old sewing machine but still haven't messed around with it. I suppose it is not a useful bit of kit if I haven't needed it in 12 months!

My sock knitting is getting better with every pair. I made a lace pair which was a 2018 resolution. I have however found my favourite pattern. A ribbed pair from Christina's free patterns. The comfiest socks ever!

The star of 2018 was our king size quilt named 'Lucky'. It was 1008 pieces of total joy all sewn together to make this heirloom quilt and I am so proud of myself for completing it. It will be the centre piece of our new bedroom when our new house is built - my dad would have thought I was bonkers for making it but deep down he would have known it was a great achievement. 

Finally, I have tried many different pattern companies this year but hands down my favourite makes have been from clothes made by Tilly and the Buttons patterns. They are well made, the tutorials are well photographed and the instructions are second to none. My favourite this year was the Stevie dress although my Ness skirt, which I am yet to reveal, is looking pretty fab at the moment too but it is not finished.

Looking ahead, I have some plans for 2019 - no fad diets or abstaining from the odd cider I enjoy, for me it is all about the making.

1.) To learn how to sew Roman blinds. I have tried before but always got the sizing wrong. I need lots for our new house.

2.) To crochet a blanket to bust some stash. Who isn't doing this?

3.) To complete my postage stamp quilt of 5 x 5 cm squares.

4.) To knit something from my ravelry favourites queue that has been there for more than two years!

I love that you visit this little part of my world, leave comments and share some love. Keep making stuff folks, it is really important. I will leave you with some fun photos of us all dressed up for the Circus themed New Year Party we attended last night.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Jo xxxx

Ps. I have spent an hour with a hangover trying to get the gap out of the text today but I am unable to do it :( It looks fine in the drafts but is always there on publish?? 


  1. Happy New Year to you, Andy, Megan and Heidi. Your circus outfits look so much fun, I hope you had a fun party.

    I have yet to make crafting resolutions... I have barely started on my last year's list and maybe I'll just work my way through this. I could easily add the Revelry queue resolution to my own list, it is long and growing despite me doing very little knitting or crochet.

  2. So glad that you enjoyed the party, you all looked pretty good in your costumes. Stopped making any resolutions quite a long time ago but on my to do list this year are Christina’s ribbed socks they looked fab when you made them. Roman blinds are very useful and always look very elegant any particular windows that you’re thinking of.

    1. Our window cills are so deep it would be a shame to cover them with curtains and lose the space so all of the downstairs I think! There is a lot of maths involved!

    2. Nothing too much for you and Andy when you get your heads together.

  3. Looks like you accomplished so much this past year, and might I add you all look adorable. Happy 2019!

  4. Happy new year, I love your plans for the coming months. You did well to use all those feet last year. I tend to stick to same few so maybe I should follow your lead this year and try some new ones, great costumes. x

  5. Your quilt is just amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing your ness skirt as your Stevie dress is gorgeous too.

  6. Happy new year Jo, love seeing your makes and hearing your news. The costumes look great, all the best for 2019. Cx

  7. You all look fabulous! Hope your head it better now. I was similarly fragile yesterday - the sign of a good night, of course. ;-)

    Amazing crafting achievements as ever you wonder woman. That quilt really is something, what a beautiful thing to have made.

    Happy new year gorgeous girl. xx