Wednesday, 30 January 2019


'Skiddaw' sounds like the sort of word you might use if you count a really long row of stitches and loose your place but it is in fact the name of this sweater which is a place in the Lake District. I started it proper in September 2018.

I tore this knitting pattern out of a magazine from somewhere, I am guessing I was not the owner of the magazine for me to do this! I knit a gauge square many times in many yarns but hadn't managed to find the right yarn for this much desired pull over. There is a cable detail running along the back of the sweater making it a knit that I thought would hold my attention. 

I have used Araucania 100% Nature cotton which I bought from a Black Sheep Wool yarn mountain at a stitch and craft show maybe four years ago now. I bought it for totally selfish reasons - I didn't want anyone else to have it for £9.99 when it was supposed to be £99! I had no idea what I was going to do with 10 skeins but it seemed enough to play with for a bargain price. 

The construction is really unusual. It is knit cuff to cuff in one whole piece making the design of the jumper a boxy swing style. This construction prompted me to hunt out the hand dyed yarn which had variations in colour. I decided that knitting cuff to cuff (vertically if you like)and interchanging the balls would show off the variations wonderfully without the overall look being disjointed which has happened to me in the past when knitting pieced garments with variegated yarn. Thankfully, it worked in a wave kind of way...

If you want to get your head around what it involves, it goes something like this:

1)You start at one cuff. 
2) Increase to make a sleeve 
3)Then cast on for the front and back so there are loads of stitches on a circular needle. You knit the front and back as one long row. 
4)Next you split for the neck. Knit the back on its own for a while.
5) Pick up the front stitches from a holder and knit the front for a while.
6) When the neck is wide enough you put all of the stitches back on the needle and knit the other shoulder. 
7)You start to get excited when the pattern indicates that you cast off the body and are decreasing the sleeves all the way to the other cuff. 
8)Finally you rib the second cuff. 

It is a huge garment to have slopping around whilst you knit, like trying to keep an octopus on your lap, but it only requires sewing up along the side seams at the end. There is a good schematic diagram showing the finished measurements for each piece which made it easy to pick the right size. It is supposed to have a large ease silhouette.

I love this sweater, but I don't know how long it will hold its shape because it weighs 800g. It will need careful washing because I think it could grow with the weight of water in it as well. I will be kind and careful with it to give her the best chance possible. I hope to be wearing this for many years. I'm glad I finally found a pattern yarn match.

What are you knitting? Any finishes around the corner?
Jo xxx


  1. That looks wonderful and really suits the colour of yarn. Couldn’t decide when I first saw it whether it was a linen top. Love the variegated colour in the yarn and how it’s vertical not horizontal. Looks like a catwalk piece. Well done you.

  2. 'tis a thing of beauty!
    I LOVE it! What a fab jumper, and what a monster to knit. The cable detail makes it really special.
    It is does stretch a little you can always wear it with leggings as a dress and pretend that's what you meant all along.

  3. A masterpiece! Even if it grows in length a little, it will still be fabulous. The thought of near endless rows of purling makes me faint.... but the pattern is very clever, never seen one like it. I finally finished my Hattigan cardigan and now I would like to knit a warm jumper. Useful all year long here in Scotland. xx

  4. Do you think you could knit this on a knitting machine??

  5. Looks lovely on you! And I couldn't have passed up the yarn either for that price! I see this pattern is $7.00 now. Nice you got it for free. How many cast on stitches are there for the body? I'm wondering if there are enough stitches on my knitting machine bed to hold it. I'd buy the pattern if I thought I could do it on my machine. Thanks!!

    1. Sounds interesting. I have never used a knitting machine so I have no expertise there! For a small (which this one is) and it is by no means small, the biggest number of stitches I had on my flexi needles was 235. I am a UK size 12 5ft 2 if that helps.

  6. Thanks! My needle bed is only 198 so this may not work.

  7. ow, that is a stunning sweater, love the yarn you chose too. What a bargain I would have had to buy it too. You look wonderful, the perfect fit.

  8. Wow that’s incredible! I love the design and the colour.

  9. Lovely sweater and lovely necklace too.

  10. Well done, a great finish, it fits superbly.

  11. It's a lovely colour and pattern Jo and looks very nice on you. I have climbed part of Skiddaw many years ago, my husband and his family would've climbed it on their numerous visits to the Lakes. Beautiful shade of blue. Cathy x

  12. I love the slouchy style of this sweater, very cosy. x

  13. Absolutely Stunning in every way,love the pattern and the colour.x

  14. Gorgeous sweater Jo, I love the construction and how you explained it. The yarn is beautiful, I hope it doesn't grow with washing. Wonderful project my friend.