Wednesday, 23 January 2019


It is getting harder to write blog posts lately unless you want to hear about how many white walls I am painting.  Building our new house is all time consuming but not always the most interesting conversation piece - the proverbial 'watching paint dry' kind of sums up how interesting it is. No one wants to listen to a new-build bore.

I still like to make something every night though - not to completion - just a row of something here and there, a patchwork block or an hour on a garment or something for my gift box.

I am really enjoying spending an hour on a garment and then walking away from it for another day. This means that more complex things can be made in small stages which is very satisfying. These Carolyn PJ's took nine hours in total but it didn't feel like that. One day the collar, another day the trousers, another hour the sleeve inserted and so on. The finished garment is top quality and will be a real keeper. The fabric is a cotton lawn which is so comfy in bed.

I also chose to make the Ness Skirt by Tilly and the Buttons and this was certainly an intermediate make. The instructions on Tilly patterns are always exceptional. For the first time ever I properly understood how to make a zip fly! I now need to find a better belt to finish it off. This fabric is my Minerva Blogger Network make for March.

I have also been putting plans into place for the future. The Nautilus swimsuit is printed out and taped together. I am scratching my head because after measuring myself, the chart looks like a game of Bingo: my crotch, hip, waist and bust all hit different sizes so I am left wondering which size to plump for. I have not chosen fabric yet but that is on the horizon for Spring. 

I am knitting a shawl collar cardigan for my godson for his first birthday in May so no rush there, just pick it up and put it down in my basket when I please. My girls are making too. Little M is knitting a cowl and Big Sis has crocheted one from the pattern on the sidebar with Sirdar Bigga yarn (discontinued).

There are always socks on the go too of course. I have been helping my mum knit her first pair of socks which makes a change from her sorting out my knitting difficulties. It was nice to show her how to turn a heel.

There are curtains for our new house to make but all in good time. You see, I am making something everyday because it makes me happy but everything is currently in motion.

I hope you are getting to do a little bit of what you like to do this week too. 

Thanks for dropping by. Jo xxx


  1. The girls knitting and crochet are lovely. You will have to ask them to make something for you. Lucky mum , having help with the socks. I always do mine on a 2 needle pattern, then seam them, haha. (can't manage 4 or a circular).

  2. You're getting so much done even with the build going on! I love your pj's, they're so cute and they do look comfy. I hate being too hot at night so that would be a good fabric for me. How cool to make your own swimsuit! I don't know how I'd ever measure myself with my ridiculous body. Your cute figure will look wonderful no matter what. The girls are getting so good at knitting and crochet, well done to them! I hope you're having a good week!

  3. There is nothing worse than painting new plaster, it is a never ending job and I found totally exhausting not the mention boring. Love the skirt, I have the same fabric in my stash. Nice sock yarn. C N x

  4. I am glad you still find a few moments to make something in the evenings and I hope you don't dream of endless white walls.... Your pjs are beautiful, as is your skirt. I am thinking of making something for myself soon but I am not quite ready. I would also struggle to find the right size for a swimming costume, I usually have to grade between sizes from top to bottom. A walk would be lovely x

    P.S. we now have water, phew

  5. Loving the wool on the socks, that is so very pretty.
    Nice T shirt in the post below too.

    1. It is by Stylecraft - really great value and makes great socks. Thanks Julie

  6. I am thrilled that your new build is coming along so nicely that you can still enjoy your crafting in the evenings. The pj's are a delight and I am always in awe of sock knitting.

  7. Lovely post as usual Jo, you have my greatest admiration for all you achieve. I used to be the same but frequently “run out of steam” as my 35 year old younger daughter so eloquently puts it! 😞 😂

  8. I love hearing about your New House,so exciting for you all.Loving all the projects,the girls makes are just great.xx

  9. I think your new house is going to be amazing, and those girls are too! Not going to be, they already are, just look what they can make!