Monday, 12 March 2018

Really Cross Stitch

A little stitching was in order. My shoulder was a bit sore from knitting so it needed a rest. My bestie bought me this book for Christmas:cross stitch with feminist slogans. I chose this one...

For me, it reflects my tenacity to learn something new. I have persevered with sock knitting for the last two years and now I can make patterned socks and really enjoy the process. I have a persistent character - I am a capricorn. This little slogan is on my sock knitting bag ready to pick up and knit wherever I go. I find it a really motivating phrase.

The threads are from Helen Phillips which I thankfully won in a giveaway. They matched well with the colour palette of the design. Maybe the slogan represents entering giveaways too!!

Thanks for dropping by. Jo xx


  1. A fabulous quote from our horrible Mitch McConnell in reference to Senator Elizabeth Warren and her persistence in reading a Coretta Scott King quote on the Senate floor. They tried to make her stop but she kept on. It was a ridiculous moment but it sparked a tremendous movement. You did a great job Jo. Hope your shoulder feels better.

  2. This is such a lovely project! What a good idea to use a quote, I’ve only ever crossstitched names, pictures or patterns.

  3. That's a lovely cross stitch finish and the slogan is nice!:) My palm pains a lot these days while crocheting so cross stitching helps reduce the pain.