Saturday, 31 March 2018

Knitting Finish Line

A few projects have crawled over the finish line lately. They were all languishing in the basket waiting for the final finishes. A few days off over Easter has been a blessing.

The pom poms finally arrived for these hats. They are knit in seriously chunky metallics by Cygnet yarns. You can knit one in a night. I made a pattern up for each one which was dependent on using up three balls of wool: two grey and one pink. I used this FREE pattern from Ravelry called Calzetta. Big Sis' started with 48 stitches and has a small intarsisa pattern on and Little M's started with 42 stitches then used up the last of the pink in stripes.

My cousin is having a baby in May. I made this cardigan from a vintage pattern but messed around with the yarn choices a little. The body is knit with Patons DK cotton which has a mercerised firm feel. The arms and neckband, which will touch the baby's skin, are made using Cottony by Cygnet yarn - it is soooo much softer.

I had a few packets of these vintage buttons given to me last year in a big bag of old craft stuff from an elderly relative. There were ducks, butterflies, flowers and these cute elephants.

OK, I can distract myself no more with quick fix projects - back to that moss stitch on the back of my winter sweater!

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend. 
Jo xxx


  1. The hats look fabulous and the fluffy pom-poms are sure to be a hit with the girls!
    Such beautiful work on your friend's baby cardi - I bet it will be cherished x

  2. Well done Jo. The hats are perfect, perfect looking and perfect fitting. I can't believe how big the ladies are getting by the way. And those slippers are great. I need some slippers for Little B, he has asked for them even though it is already warm here. I must find some. Have a wonderful day.

  3. The hats look real cute with the fluffy pom poms. I've used that Cygnet Cottony yarn before back in November when I crocheted some angels. It was both soft but held its shape as you pulled the wings out straight. I purchased mine new from Sue Ryder but unfortunately they've not had any in since. They told me I could order online and collect free delivery to store. Cx

  4. Jo, those hats are beautiful. I love how they look on the girls. Very nice fit and pretty colors. The sweater is so pretty! Oh, I just love baby clothes. Those buttons are very sweet, just perfect. I hope you have a happy Easter!

  5. Your girls are lucky to have new hats with another cold spell on the horizon! The hats and pompons look fun. I have never used chunky yarn, can you believe it? Having a lovely lazy weekend so far. Enjoy yours, too. x

  6. Your girls are very knit worthy and always appreciate everything that’s knitted for them. The hats are lovely and look really warm.

    1. Their heads were getting too big for the cup cake ones from back in September but Meg wants to keep hers - of course!

  7. Those buttons are so sweet! I love the hats too, the Pom poms are perfect.

  8. Such pretty hats, I bet it feels great to get some things finished.
    I've been knitting baby things too, some friends are expecting in a few weeks. I had some pretty yellow in my stash but decided not to use it as it was not soft enough to my mind. The softer yarn for the rib idea is brilliant, a contrast might work well, I'll have to go back to my stash and see what I have. Thanks.

  9. Your girls are adorable, Jo. I hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday.

  10. All lovely, and your girls make excellent models. It's been so cold here lately that hats and slippers are very much needed. Happy belated Easter Jo. Xxxx