Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Fixing - An heirloom blanket for a friend. This blanket of 756 squares is over 50 years old and I admired it on her kitchen chair. I said,"you ought to fix that hole." She said, "I don't know how to." and the rest is history as they say. I fixed 23 squares. Make that 32. In the end I darned 41. It took me 3 hours. 4 hours 5 hours... you know what I am saying don't you.

I had to make a new centre for this one and graft it in.

Drinking - Tea to keep warm

Cooking - in our new tidy kitchen

Eating - cottage cheese, I had forgotten how much I liked it

Wanting - to turn the news off

Deciding - how to dog proof the garden...again!

Making - Cast on the Beatnik sweater and tolerated the twisted rib.

Considering - doing a moss stitch back and the cable detail on the front only (chicken!)

Wearing - my Ankers sweater a lot 

Enjoying - My double Amarylis

Wondering - what to plan for the Easter Holidays

Watching - the changing moon phases

Thinking - I am lucky to have a designated sewing space

Disliking - the accumulation of family house clutter spread over three floors

Loving - the random fabric combinations in the huge quilt I am making

 Buying - two new bath towels, my first for 20 years. Who the heck is paying £67 for two towels?!

Getting -  my fabric stash down to a manageable collection

Feeling - ready for winter to end.

Thanks for taking the time to read my random musings.
Jo xx


  1. Good morning Jo. Lovely post to start my working day with (don't tell my boss). I hope you'll be nominated for superstar friend. I don't know anybody who would mend a blanket for a friend like you do! I have a granny square blanket that needs constant fixing because I chose to chrochet it with Noro wool (purchased on ball at the time on eBay), which is loosely spun and not very stable. I think the dog will have a very luxurious wooly bed next winter. I just have to admit defeat and see it as a reminder to not be tempted by luxury when it is not necessary. I am quite exited about your quilt, can't wait to see it finished. New bath towels are are always lovely, even more so when you purchase them at a bargain price! Have a lovely week.

  2. The blanket is gorgeous! So nice if you to fix it for her

  3. Jo, that blanket! Wow. You are so patient and kind, what a wonderful friend you are. I love cottage cheese too. Have you ever tried it with pineapple? It's like dessert!

  4. I am super impressed with your fabric stash in all its reduced glory! I need to get to work on mine quick....

  5. You are such a good friend, it would have been such a shame for the blanket not to have been repaired. The fun of towel shopping, certainly not me is the question of £67 wow!

  6. I find your random musings fascinating. Love the blanket job, lucky friend.

  7. That blanket is incredible! How kind of you to repair it.

  8. and writing and sharing on blog :D
    So nice that you fixed the blanket, fixing is not easy.

  9. Wow you're so good to repair your friends blanket. It's looking good. A friend of mine thrust a knitted dog into my hands with a few balls of yarn. His body is 10" and then long legs. The face part had been repaired already. I've fixed him twice now. I crocheted a patch in as it was too weak to add patches into. Twice I repaired him. The first time I took him home to repair the boy sobbed and sobbed his heart out, as I made off with doggy. Cx

  10. Lovely post Jo! Well done on mending the blanket, how kind of you! Your friend must be delighted. It's inspired me to mend one of mine that isn't that old, but I noticed that one of the middles had come unravelled.

  11. All lovely. You worked a treat on that blanket. Lucky you having a sewing room. I'm sure I'd use my machine more than once a year if I didn't have to drag it out from the cupboard under the stairs each time... X