Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Weird and the Wonderful

We have had a few Weird and Wonderful summer days.

Growing weird 'Cucamelons'. Yes, it is a thing. My mum has been growing them in the greenhouse. They taste like cucumber but with a zesty lime hint.

Wonderful teamwork on our bi annual sanding of the kitchen table to remove glitter, glue, felt pen marks and spagetti bolognese, oh yes, and nearly all of the patch I scorched with a cast iron casserole pan in the middle...

The effort reaped wonderful results once it had a new coat of chalk paint on the legs. (Aldi £4.99 and went on like a dream)

Reviewing the dogs weird obsession with eating his own blanket. I cut every one of those squares. *tusk* It is now in the bin.

Wonderful outdoor playing with best friends.

Wonderful birthday presents and she decorated her own cake...

Choose whichever 'w' word you want for that photo!

Wonderful recipe following for bananas in pyjamas.

My wonderful girl and me.

The others didn't like hot bananas so that makes them weird in our eyes.

Wonderful birthday cabin dinner all round.

What is weird or wonderful with you this week?
Jo xx


  1. Happy Birthday to - I am assuming! - Big Sis!! The cake looks delicious as do those sausages, but I am afraid that hot banana isn't for me either! Your table looks wonderful and is just getting patina which is a good thing!!

  2. I love hot bananas with chocolate too. I agree with you both that its weird not everybody loves them!

  3. Wonderful, wacky pictures enjoyed by us and Auntie Marian. The cake looked very good. We think you are weird for eating hot bananas. Looks like a great time was had by all.

  4. Nothing weird or wonderful to report here at the moment. Love your teamwork, sanding anything is normally tedious but doing it as a team may just make it fun. It is a fine table! The puppy's love for blanket eating is funny! Our dog gets my old wooly jumpers to cuddle up with but he doesn't chew them anymore (he is an old man, nearly 3).

    Happy Birthday to Big Sis! In all those years that I have been reading your blog, I never made the connection between the ages of our kids. I have a newly 10 year old, too. He didn't decorate his own cake.

    Hope the rest of the week continues to be weird and wonderful in equal measures. xx

  5. Hi Jo, I love reading your blog and whilst sorting through my stash of "stuff" I found some vintage toy patterns that were passed on to me by a retired teacher many years ago and I know I will never use them now. Before I put them in a charity bag I wondered if they would be of any interest to you? One is Simplicity 5767 ( you will see plenty of pictures if you google) the other doesn't have a reference. Any good to you?

  6. Hi from Nebraska, Jo! I just had a good catch up with your posts since the first part of July. Your girls are growing as are my grands. I got to visit with my two grandsons in Massachusetts several weeks ago!
    The youngest just turned ten and my oldest granddaughter turns ten in November. Happy Birthday to big Sis! I loved seeing her clever doggie bag make and her yummy looking cake decorations. Your sewing continues to inspire me, and I appreciate you sharing your clever tips, like using safety pins while sewing your quilt layers together. Little M's quilt is a triumph and your photo of her on it is a joy to behold. The new edging on your old skirt really finishes it off elegantly and you are wonderfully productive to have completed the other skirt and tops you have made this past month as well. Your mum's Cukamelons are weird and wonderful to me :), the banana recipe intriguing, and sausages just plain look yummy! Brave Girl for steeking so courageously, and bravo for the team refreshing your table! Tomorrow we plan to go to the county fair. My niece has won ribbons for her entries in flowers and herbs, canned peaches and pickles, and fresh cucumbers and I am having a great time on their farm. They have hairless sheep [bred for meat not wool]! Thanks for all your good posts, Jo! xx