Friday, 18 August 2017

Last of the Summer Camisole

I'm working doubly hard at the moment to use up the smaller pieces of fabric I have left over from other projects. 6 months into my fabric diet and the choices are getting more tricky. I usually make something for the girls from small bits but this fabric was just too grown-up.

I liked the look of the Ogden Cami by True Bias which I had seen on 'Did you make that?' blog. Karen's promise of full bra coverage was what drew me in. The shape is good for me because it flares at the hip. There are deep front and back facings which make a neat finish. The pattern is based on a C cup so if you are any bigger you will find it a strain across the bust unless you adjust accordingly.

Anyway less of this larking about in the bathroom. Cardigan on, sleeves rolled up and let's crack on with that ironing. 

A keeper of a pattern for those pesky little pieces left over.

Thanks for stopping by. Jo xx


  1. Gorgeous! That looks really expensive, lovely fabric. I hope we get a few more warm days for you to wear it this year without the cardi to show it off. xx

  2. That is lovely. I think the fabric is fabulous. Good luck with the ironing.

  3. Ironing is overrated, unless it is done during the sewing process :-)
    Love your camisole. I could do with a few and will go and explore the pattern. FBA is a definite but I can do that. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  4. LOVE IT!! But your post is a week late...I just cut an odd yard of fabric into a sleeveless top but I FAR prefer that one! Rats...

  5. What a great top. You are so good at using up your stash. I have crumbled over the holidays and bought more. Still time to climb back on the wagon and use up the little bits of fabric to make a top or two, right? Love the print on the fabric.

  6. Dear Jo, you have been busy my friend. Birthday's, projects discarded and reinvented. Beautiful sewing and cute little bunnies to play with. I love to visit you and hear your positive views and sew your wonderful projects.

  7. Oh love this cami. I have a shift in this fabric and its beautiful to wear. Enjoy

  8. That's really nice. I could see that becoming a summer staple, with such an easy to wear cut. I like that the bra is hidden too, that's a bug bear of mine with so many tops.

    Right my love, I could read on and on all night but I must go to bed. Lovely to catch up with you and your goings on. xx