Friday, 25 August 2017

Minerva August It is all in the detail

I signed off on Wednesday and forgot about my monthly Minerva post, here is a cheeky extra one I made a while back!

 It is all in the detail with sewing. Sometimes I really like to take my time and do all the little fiddly bits with care. Which is why I chose view D of this vintage pattern- It looks so pretty and I thought it looked like a pussy bow blouse which I had been coveting.

The fabric is from Minerva a snip at £2.99. I thought it would feel more like a chalis viscose but it was different to that. Think travel agent/airline steward/corporate workwear and you are in the right zone.

I loved the print and the colour palette. I was originally going to make a dress when I ordered it but as soon as I felt the fabric is screamed 'blouse' to me.

There were some tricky cuff details to master.

A rolling collar and tie to ease in. 
Button holes in slippy fabric to make.

And facings to lay in the neckline for structure.

"Why, that is a smashing blouse you are wearing."
Rik Mayall

I used the rest to line a skirt to go with it. I have had the butter/mustard suiting fabric for four years. Still stash busting.

This is a wash and non-iron garment so I feel it is going to have lots of wear! Really enjoyed using this fabric and love my new blouse. 

"Did you pack those bags yourself madam?"
Jo xxx


  1. So pretty!! It has a real 50's vibe to me, which I mean in the very best way, the combination of the fabric design and the pattern go so well together. Enjoy wearing it!

  2. Lovely blouse Jo and the skirt looks great too the lining is a genius idea.

  3. I am full of admiration. Just finished a blouse in the slippiest, slidey fabric (but gorgeous)and I am impressed by all your details you've succeeded in adding. I'm guessing it is pretty similar fabric. You look great in it too. Even better that no ironing from here on.

  4. What a nice blouse. I love the way the fabric drapes. It looks lovely on you. It kind of reminds me of the Huk a Poo blouses like they wore in the seventies. Different shapes, those had big, pointy collars, but kind of a similar look.

  5. Aren't you brilliant? Well done on the gorgeous blouse. The detail is wonderful and you look wonderful too!

  6. Gorgeous wash and wear blouse my favourite! The skirt will look super with it too, given the colours it will go with a variety of items. x

  7. Very impressive - an inspiration to sew again.

  8. I loved it, the fabric the pattern and the buttons. A beautiful blouse that looks wonderful on you.

  9. Haha, Jo, you make me laugh! You don't look anything like a flight attendant. What a lovely touch to line a skirt with the fabric. I just love it when a good coat or skirt has a nice lining - I feel like it really elevates it from something everyday to something special.