Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Impromptu Skirt from New Look K6217

I will model a new make anywhere. Here, the girls and I are sat in the car park at an agricultural merchants while bloke popped in to get chainsaw spares. Cue, impromptu jump out of the car to photograph my new skirt in front of a shed!

I said I would make another one of these easy-peasy skirts from New Look K6217 which uses the smallest piece of fabric. Caroline from CJ made sent me this farbic in a giveaway and it was perfect for a Cath Kidston style rip off skirt.

These are snap shots, there was a man in a van watching us possibly asking himself, "why is that woman posing in front of a shed while her daughter takes pictures of her!"

I used up a pink invisible zip I don't even remember buying too which was a bonus.Side vents make this a comfortable wear and an easy sew. We ran back to the car before bloke came back! 

No more Summer skirts now. We are off to Shrewsbury Folk Festival this weekend, camping and everything, so I will share some colourful details next week. Have a good few days friends.
Jo x


  1. Hey Jo,
    I love this new skirt! I am so glad you could make use of the fabric I sent you x It looks lovely for this strangely hot but muggy weather we are having at the end of August. I hope the weather holds for your Folk festival in Shrewsbury!! Have fun.
    x Caroline x

  2. So cute! Very Cath too, the fabric is perfect. I love the way it fits you. The slit is adorable. I love everything about it. Have fun at the festival!

  3. Lovely and it is in the Cath Kidston theme but I bet without the price tag! Very nice modelling job too, you are brave. I only have to ask my boys to photograph me on the garden and they complain. Great use of the giveaway fabric.

  4. lovely, Summer makes are so fun. Enjoy the festival

  5. Have a great time at the festival. Hopefully the weather will be good. Love the skirt, such a great pattern.

  6. Lovely! The fabric is very pretty isn't it.

  7. At least you were entertaining the man watching you at the garden center. Well done Jo.