Monday, 26 June 2017

WATG What's Love Vest Top

Summer is here and I have finished a real summer knit - something I have never done before. I always knit for winter but this Tina Tape made a beautiful fabric for a summer top.

The What's Love Top kit consists of 4 balls of Tina Tape, rosewood needles, label, sewing up needle and the pattern book. Tina Tape is a tencel yarn made from sustainable Eucalyptus trees and is suitable for vegans.

The top has a nice summer neckline but I have added a sharper armhole to avoid showing my chewing gum grey bra. I can't go without one, the world is a nicer place when I wear a bra!

I started knitting it on holiday, the sturdy paper bag it came in acted as the perfect lightweight knitting container. It was a quick knit in garter stitch with both the front and back the same shape.

There was a heart stopping moment when I thought the dog had chewed up and buried my last ball but it was just the ball band out of the bag under the deckchair I was knitting in. Phew!

As mentioned I just changed the armhole slightly by casting off 2 stitches at the beginning of two rows when I started the arm hole shaping then continued on with the pattern as designed. 

The fabric weave hangs really well and is a pleasure to wear against your skin.

Wool and the Gang Tina Tape is available in kits or in individual balls if you have something already in mind. 

Thanks Wool and the Gang for your kind sponsorship.
Jo xx


  1. Really nice, you always make lovely things. Seeing you looking so cheerful today made me wonder if you had ever thought about doing a vlog/podcast. I think you would b a natural if you did. Love seeing all your makes and happy that you share them with us all. Thanks!

  2. I really like this top. It looks cool and comfortable and I think it's got a very nice drape to it. It looks great on you, very polished and sophisticated.

  3. A beautiful make, I must admit I have never come across this Tina tape before. Does it wash well?

    1. Don't know yet Lorraine. Will report back. I hope so the price it is!

  4. Just learned about this fiber from another blogger who crocheted a bag successfully with it and now you have shown me a successful top knit with it. It reminds me of when I crocheted a bag with ribbon however the ribbon was very stretchy. Thanks for sharing, Jo.xx

  5. Very nice, I remember my auntie made me something similar in cerise pink in my teens. (Do you remember that colour phase from the eighties?) I wore it for years. x

  6. You look great in it Jo, well done. You will get a ton of use out of it.

  7. Wow! It's so lovely. I've never really thought of knitting being anything other than jumpers and scarves, which is ridiculous as the proof that gorgeous summer tops can be made too is right here!

  8. Perfect for the hot weather we had been having, fingers crossed it seems like the sun is back now.
    Enjoy wearing your lovely top :-)

  9. I really like it, both the shape and the colour. Isn't the fabric just gorgeous? I'd have to do the same with the arm holes though, the thought of going bra-less makes me feel queasy. (My f-cups need some serious support, sadly...)