Thursday, 15 June 2017

Denim Jacket Stitching

You may recall I said I do not do a lot of stitching but when I do, I fall in love with it and with this project I fell in love, bought new tea towels and moved in with the guy.

This is my daughter in case you think I have lost a terrific amount of weight! She is over the moon with her jacket upcycle I did a few weeks back. 

I used the rest of the magic sheet from DMC to mark out the dream catcher design which I can not claim as my own. It is from Craftsy here. I got stitching and couldn't stop. It was finished in three days.

I did a loft rummage last month to swap the girls clothes over. The older sisters clothes were passed down to the younger sibling and in a bag I found lots of clothes aged 9-10 years which I had forgotten about. They were from my friend with three older girls. They were perfect for Big Sis (good job I found them in time)and in it was this virtually new denim jacket from Zara Kids.

I did use a few more stitch techniques than in the original design. I used some gold threads to make chains to hang the feathers from and I remembered how to do french knots. You've gotta LOVE it.

She wore it to a birthday party. Nine girls all going out for Pizza. Oooh, she is getting a big girl.

My own sixteen year old denim jacket beckons... now where are those threads.

Jo xxx


  1. How fabulous is that. Bet Big Sis was over the moon. Wow these girls are growing up fast. Pizza party indeed.

  2. I remember those day well of being a permanent fixture, the taxi driver. I LOVE the jacket what an amazing difference, stunning.

  3. This denim jacket is stunning! What a fab up-cycling embroidery project.

  4. While I have never embroidered on a piece of clothing, you make the idea apppealing through your clever jacket upgrade, Jo. I think I cannot use the magic sheet on the project I am planning because I am going to use Aida cloth, but I appreciate seeing how you have used magic sheet for your latest embroidery projects. Thanks for sharing xx

  5. That looks fabulous and would cost a fortune store bought, well done. xx

  6. Awesome project Jo. I bet your daughter is in love with it. I would wear it all day long.

  7. This is seriously cool, Jo, no wonder your little girl is happy.

  8. It's fabulous, Jo! Go on, do your own, you know you really want to. x

  9. I always fancied doing some embroidery, I even have the threads... if only days were a bit longer! The jeans jacket is fabulous, love the design and the colours. Also love the contrast between the hippie chick jacket and the super neat hair :-) xx