Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Scrap busting Annie Blanket

The girls have a wonderful Brownie Leader who plans fantastic activities every week for the group of girls. Sadly for us but happily for her. She is leaving to have a baby so I thought it was another great chance to get at those yarn scraps, especially the 'brownie' inspired ones. I pooled some from my mum too.

There was a bit of a varied range of thickness but I thought I could make it work with the Annie Blanket pattern from Boho Crochet using a 4mm hook.

I cast on 150 chains and started working the pattern. It was looking a little dull and needed an injection of colour.

One evening I had a rare Gin and Tonic which inspired a hint of mustard yellow to lift the colours.

The largest ball of blue was an aran or chunky so I used this solely for the border on a 4.5mm hook. It framed it really well.

It is not huge but will make a great car seat or pram blanket. The pattern calls for 100 chains but others on ravelry said it was too small that is why I went for 150 as a start (any number divisible by 3 would work)

So a small blanket inspired by the colours of Brownies and Guides in the UK. I have hardly made a dent in my yarn stash although the pile in the first picture is pretty much gone. I have not bought any yarn this year but I have so much left to play with. My pledge to not buy materials is going well. Woohoo!

Jo x


  1. I love it! What a great accomplishment from scraps! The gin inspired yellow/gold gives it just enough of a pop. It's a great pattern too! Congratulations!

  2. Very nice, Jo. I love that design, it's so interesting to look at. Good job using your scraps! After I finish my current big project, I'm planning to do something with my scraps too.

  3. A beautiful blanket what a great idea.

  4. What a gorgeous gift, how clever to use the Brownie/Guide colours.

  5. A beautiful and thoughtful gift, I am sure it will be well received.

  6. The pop of yellow was definitely needed, it looks great. I'm sure she will be pleased with it. Your choice of 'Brownie' colours was spot on xx

  7. Congratulations Jo you have won the prize for my giveaway.
    Could you send write your e-mail address in the comment son my blog or PM via blogspot so I can send you your prize!
    Caroline (CJ Made)