Thursday, 29 June 2017

Crochet 'Happy Colours' Cushion

Using up the last few circles from my happy colours blanket, I made a cushion. 

Another delve into the cupboard brought up some more bright colours left over from other projects. A ball here, half a ball there.

The back is made in stripes using up the smallest amounts of yarn scraps. The down side is there are lots of ends to weave in. The dog has since eaten my beautifully light wooden DMC crochet hook. Aggh!

This is going to be a birthday gift for someone.
six months into 2017 and I still have not bought any yarn. 
Staying Power!

Jo xx


  1. Cheers for another pretty gift well made, and for your staying power :) xx

  2. Wow. Good going not purchasing any new wool this year. Such a pretty cushion Jo.
    Just to let you know I posted your winnings fabric stash yesterday so you should receive it this weekend x

    1. That should stop me buying fabric this year too! Thanks CJ

  3. So happy and colorful. I hope they put it on their bed, it would be very cheerful in a bedroom. You're a very sweet friend.

  4. I am certainly impressed with your determination not to buy yarn. Love the cushion, such a beautiful gift and made with love.

  5. Well done on your staying power, I have been following my yarn and fabric diet and feel very virtuous. I have looked at a few indie dyers Etsy shops and even had my finger hovering over the "buy" button. But sense won the day, phew. I like the look of your cushion and may well have to copy the idea, I know someone who would love a couple like that.

  6. It's lovely! What a wonderful gift to receive.

  7. Love it Jo! Such happy colors and pattern. Well done.

  8. I just love this bulls-eye pattern, it's such a crochet classic, and the colours you've chosen have such impact. I have bought yarn this year, but only a very little, and I have hugely reduced my stash down to just one or two bags. It's very liberating, isn't it? xx